This year again I made it as a CTP, I’m very proud to be a part of this group of smart people and glad I can make it another year, my 6th one. Looking back on 2017, this year has not be my most active year in the program for some reason. Being a CTP in 2018 is very different than being a CTP back then, Citrix is at a crossroad (for some time now) of shifting to cloud service offering and continuing to offer software “in a box” for enterprises. At the same time relation with Microsoft is a bit confusing (as it has always been) but this love / hate will have to come to an end somehow. Citrix is waiting from its CTP an insight on enterprise model and business side, asking for advice and taking sometime decision on what CTPs said during our monthly and annual meetings. So I hope 2018 will see  Citrix give a clear direction and let us have an insight on the “big plan”.

More information on the Citrix CTP program : [link]