This information can be very useful, because as you might know, there are build numbers and version numbers, and it become a mess very fast when you try to list all ICA client version connecting your Citrix Presentation / XenApp servers. 4.00.581 4.00.686 4.20.715 4.20.727 4.20.741 4.21.779 6.00.910 6.01.963 6.01.964 6.01.967 6.20.985 6.30.1050 6.31.1051 7.00.17534 7.01.20497 7.10.21845 7.10.22650 8.00.24737 8.100.29670 9.00.32649 9.10.36280 9.150.39151 9.200.44376 9.230.50211 9.237.53063 9.7 (Java client) 10.00.45418 10.00.49686 10.00.52110 10.100.55836 10.150.58643 10.200.2650 11.00.5284 (beta Windows) 11.00.5357 11.16.153430 (Mac) 11.3.143202 (HP Thin Client) (Mac) (Mac) (Mac) (ActiveX Web Client - Fix for IE9) (beta Project Mach 3) (with Receiver - Windows) (XenApp 6.5 DVD) (Citrix website download) (with Receiver 3.1 Tech Preview - Windows There are several way to list all client version connecting to a PS or XenApp farm, my favorite because the simplest one is by using Edgesight. You need to open you Edgesight website and go to the "Browse" tab and then click on "Session" category and this is it "ICA Client Version" is here waiting for your click. The result will be this kind of report : I will post in next few days how to retrieve the client version with a vbs script and then using Powershell scripting. Updated 08 Dec 2010 : added more detail about version 11.3.143202 and some new version released. Updated 23 Sept 2011 : Many client version added, Java & Mac Updated 30 Oct 2011 : added (Receiver 3.1 Tech Preview) Update 21 Nov 2011 : added (Mac) Update 22 Nov 2011 : added XenApp 6.5 DVD media plug-ins + ActiveX versions (Thx Neil Spellings)

If you choose the easy way with the rpm file, it wont work. You have to change few things before being able to launch any Citrix XenApp application get the client from citrix get openmotif from (at least version 2.3.1, there is a package for fedora 9 but it installs fine in 12) disable the cjkuni fonts (why?) # cd cd /usr/share/fonts/ # mv cjkuni/fonts.dir cjkuni/fonts.dir.disabled # mv cjkuni/fonts.scale cjkuni/fonts.scale.disabled Now the ctirix client starts as it should.

This error "Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp Server" happen from time to time, this is a message from the XenApp plugin (ICA Client). Today I had this one because we have move some servers and they had to change their IP address. The IT server team told me everything was done I should be able to put this machine back in production, all changes have been done and everything is working well. BUT, when I enable these servers, this windows appear for all the users who try to launch a publish application : This message means the Citrix XenApp server cannot be reach with the address return by the datacollector. So i have assume the server team did the change on the network configuration of the servers but didn't reboot it... To be fast, I make the choice to just restart the IMA service, it did the trick.

I love my work (Citrix XenApp) and I like to play with my mobile device (HTC Diamond Touch) so when I can play with both of this two things it's coooool :) So today, this is just a short video to show how I connect to my company with my mobile phone, I will open a desktop on a XenApp server and even if the display is only 480*640 this is kinda usefull for common admin task. I connect on a Citrix XenApp 5 (4.5 on Windows 2003) through a Webinterface 5 with ssl. I have deploy the certificate on my mobile to be able to connect. Click on continue reading to watch the video [flash]