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I had to update a Windows 2003 - Citrix License Server at one customer place and I wasn't ready for that... For the first time of my Citrix life I had to troubleshoot an upgrade process.... I have try to uninstall / install, update nothing allowed me to complete the installation of the Citrix License Server 11.10 on a Windows 2003 server... The installation was just stuck and never ended the installation process. So I had to understand why this installation was stuck, in the event log I had this message : "A provider, Citrix_GTLicensingProv, has been registered in the WMI namespace, Root\CitrixLicensing, to use the LocalSystem account. This account is privileged and the provider may cause a security violation if it doe not correctly impersonate user requests." Weird message and I'm not sure it's related to the installation issue I have so I chose to use the good old msiexec command line to enable verbose logfile of the installation process : And surprisingly I got useful information ! The installer wasn't able to process the creation of a service (sc.exe command) and I found this Microsoft Security Bulletin : MS09-012 The I downloaded the KB956572 and installed it on the License Server. Then the installation went fine... I lost half of a day trying to understand what was wrong... Resources : MS09-012 - Vulnerabilities in Windows Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (959454) Security Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB956572) Citrix License Server 11.10 download Vulnerabilities in Windows Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (959454)

To completely disable DEP in Windows Server 2003, perform the following with administrative credentials: 1. Open Windows Explorer 2. Tools > Folder Options > View 3. Uncheck Hide Protected operating system files (Recommended) and Hide extensions for known file types 4. Click apply > OK 5. Browse to C:\ 6. Right click on boot.ini, select properties and ensure the “read-only” tab is unchecked and click OK 7. Edit boot.ini 8. Modify the  /noexecute= For example, set  /noexecute=AlwaysOff to disasble DEP entirely 9. File > Save, close boot.ini file 10. Right click on boot.ini, select properties and ensure the “read-only” tab is checked and click OK 11. Reboot the computer

This is the second time I have this issue, when clicking on a publish application on the Citrix WebInterface I get this weir message : ERROR: The MetaFrame servers reported that the alternate address cannot be found. I mean weird because I'm on a LAN and I don't cross any subnet or different VLAN and there is no alernate address configured on these servers. Error Message at the bottom of my WI :   It looks like the LHC (Local Host Cache) doesn't contain valid informations. And the only way to be sure about that one is to simply recreate the Local Host Cache. So login on the computer and do as follow : Net stop imaservice /y : This command will stop Independant Managment Architecture service, Citrix WMI Service and Citrix SMA Service DSMAINT RECREATELHC Net start imaservice Net start "Citrix WMI Service" Net start "Citrix SMI Service" And this resolve this "small" problem. This is a common Citrix administration task and troubleshoot but if you don't know it, you cannot guess it.

Here we go, Green Computing is coming ! Now Citrix give us the ability to switch off XenApp servers and switch it on only when the load on the power on server reach a limit. This is very very smart and I think this Power and Capacity Management for XenApp will be a success.   You can watch bellow the video filmed during the Synergy 2009 in Las Vegas : [flash w=486 h=412] And of course with your MyCitrix account you can download the Technical Preview here :  Soon I will release a test of this new toy but I have to finish first my XenDesktop how to and after I would like to put online my test with Netscaler VPX Tech Preview.

This video shows how to install Citrix XenDesktop 3 on Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 SP2. I was very surprise at first because I wasn't able to install Citrix XenDesktop 3 on Microsoft Windows 2008 (?!) This product is less than one week old and Microsoft Windows 2008 is not supported yet. In this video, I show how to install Microsoft SQL Express 2005 then Citrix XenDesktop 3. The next step will be as follow : How to install the Desktop Receiver. How to use Citrix XenDesktop 3 with Provisioning Server 5 and XenServer 5 or VMWare ESX. How to intergrate Portable Profile 2 with Citrix XenDesktop 3. Clik on continue reading to wath the video. [flash medium=5]

This is a short guide to install with the basic requirements the Citrix Web Interface 5.0.1 on a Windows 2003 R2 / sp2. First you have to install IIS Components from the add/remove program in the control panel. If you don't know what to install request more information I will post screenshot of component you need to choose. After we need to install Framework 3.5 SP1 from Microsoft. You need to install Microsoft Visual J# Net 2. From here begin the installation of Citrix Web Interface, first we need to install Web Interface 5.0.1 Access Management Console Extension and then we can begin to deploy the Web Interface installer 5.0.1 and you can watch the installation of the two Citrix components in the video bellow : [flash]

During my experimental EdgeSight setup, I have to face different error, mostly because everything was not ready or not well configure on my side but it can happen. I have install two Edgesight web server (Esx nlb) and two SQL Reporting Services server (Esx nlb too) with a database store on a SQL 2005 cluster. I didn't had the hand on the setup of the two nlb so things where a bit hard to understand since there is quiet a lot of issue and things to do to enable two VMWare ESX nlb communication. (I'm still working on it, any informations are welcome :) ) I will update this post everytime I will have an error, I hope it will help some of you. Error : Setup was unable to locate the requiered SQL Server Client Tools. The SQL Server Client Tools can usually be located on the SQL Server installation disk. You just have to install client components of SQL Server 2005 (or 2008) and RTM first :) You must have database and SQL Login creation rights on the server. This message means the credentials choose to create / access database needs to have sysadmin rights on the database server, I still hevn't understand why but still.   Error -2147217900: failed to execute SQL string, error detail: MODIFY FILE encountered operating system error 112(There is not enough space on the disk.) [...]   This error message happen when you don't have enough space where you choose to record SQL data. I think that would me near the same for log space.   The report server address used to communicate with Reporting Services is invalid This message will occure when your SQL Reporting is not reachable. I had this issue until my SQL Reporting Services ESX nlb works very fine. Error publishing reports: Server was unable to process request. ---> Timeout expired. This is a typical message when a timeout occure when you're uploding templates to the SQL Reporting Services.

This short video was made to help begginner or people who want to know a bit more about this Citrix product. This is a very simple way to install Citrix Edegesight 5.01 on a Windows 2003 server. What you need to set up before is IIS role install on the server and a SQL database. I have try with SQL Express 2005 Adv edition but it wasn't possible to finish the installation. I'll try to find out about this issue (-2147217900 error) Edit 01 dec 2008: SQL Express is not supported by Citrix but it works. EdgeSight 5.01 on a W2K8 Server with SQL2008 with Advanced Services work, you just have to give the correct ReportServer URL wich is for SQL Express: http://%servername%/ReportServer_SQLEXPRESS (Tip from Pierre) Anyway, check this video, click on continue reading... [flash]