This is the second time I have this issue, when clicking on a publish application on the Citrix WebInterface I get this weir message : ERROR: The MetaFrame servers reported that the alternate address cannot be found. I mean weird because I’m on a LAN and I don’t cross any subnet or different VLAN and there is no alernate address configured on these servers.

Error Message at the bottom of my WI :

It looks like the LHC (Local Host Cache) doesn’t contain valid informations. And the only way to be sure about that one is to simply recreate the Local Host Cache.

So login on the computer and do as follow :


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  • Gwiom

    One of the reason of this can be that the IMA service is started before the network card is started. It can happen if the network card configuration relies on Teaming service.
    In this case the IMA service register as the IP address and when this adress is sent back by the XML Broker to the Web Interface, the Web Interface interprets it as an Alternate address error (don’t ask why).
    Restarting the IMA service should be enough to correct issue.
    It is linked to:
    Users cannot launch published applications from the Web Interface, and the following error message appears: “The resource you requested is no longer available from the servers or the specified user no longer has access to it.” The issue occurs if a server’s IP address changes after the IMA Service on that server starts.
    [From PSE450W2K3R04][#193516]