XenApp 6.5 HRP3 install failled with error 25822 4 Comments

Citrix XenApp 6.5 Hotfix Rollup Pack 3 is available since the 12nd of December 2013 (link) and I went through several deployment until today. I got this error on a worker server (PVS Golden image) while installing this update. The error : "Error 25822. Setup could not install the drivers required for this product." stop the installation process and rollback to the original state of the XenApp server. As the installation wen fine on other servers within the same farm, I chose to take some time to investigate this issue. First thing first, running the patch update by generating a log file with msiexec :   and when i opened the log file i found the error :   The installer stop because the file ctxsbx.inf is not found on the XenApp server, after a google search i found this old XenApp KB CTX121887. As mention in this kb I made a copy of this file on the target XenApp server from another one where the file is. It did work but after that the installer remaion stuck on drivers installation process and remain on loops. The only way to make sure my server would survibe this installation was to cancel everything, repair the XenApp installation and reboot the server at the end. Once the server was back online again, I tried to apply the HRP3 again and everything went finaly fine.

My XenServer lab has been updated / upgraded, XenDesktop is now 5.6, XenServer 6.0.2 and Provisioning Services is 6.1 now. I had one issue with this last one, I wasn't able to create a new golden image for my brand new XenDesktop 5.6 setup... I was able to create the new VHD through the PVS Wizard but once the VM rebooted the connection to the VHD wasn't initialized... I knew it was a network issue but I had to remember a very old issue I had with PVS 4 or early 5... First you need to uninstall XenTools and the PVS Target Device agent. Reboot and install XenTools. After you have installed the XenTools and rebooted your Windows VM you need to do the following: Type in a command prompt Then type Start DEVMGMT.MSC,  click in the View menu, and then chose Show Hidden Devices. Expand the Network Adapters tree and right-click the dimmed network adapter, to uninstall it

Today I got an annoying issue when I was trying to edit settings from a Virtual Machine. It happens after I converted a template to a VM to make to change but every time I tried to edit the VM I got this error message : Error:The server fault 'SystemError' had no message. Error Stack Call "PropertyCollector.RetrieveContents" for object "propertyCollector" on vCenter Server "xxxxxxx.domain.local" failed. Not very nice message and not very "understandable" for me... Anyway, I needed to edit these settings and to do so, you can follow the next steps. Use it at your own risk ! First I removed the VM from the inventory, right click on the VM and chose "Remove from Inventory" Then, browse the datastore where VM files are stored and I right clicked on the .vmx file To add back into the inventory by following the regular wizard. At the end I've been able to edit the VM settings. Resources : VMDude (Frédéric Martin) made a Powercli module to resolve this issue : link vmware KB : link

This issue is tricky because you need to know XenServer very well and understand the error message bellow while trying to launch a VM. The VM Needs storage that cannot be seen from that host I attached a CIFS with all ISOs files I needed to the XenServer and the machine where the ISOs where failled. With this message I had to understand the VM didn't want to boot because one ISOs was mounted in the virtual DVD drive and this ISOs wasn't available any more... I just had to empty the VM's virtual DVD drive and everything came back to normal. I am looking for a command line to empty virtual CD / DVD, if anyone have it, feel free to comment !

This is the second time I have this issue, when clicking on a publish application on the Citrix WebInterface I get this weir message : ERROR: The MetaFrame servers reported that the alternate address cannot be found. I mean weird because I'm on a LAN and I don't cross any subnet or different VLAN and there is no alernate address configured on these servers. Error Message at the bottom of my WI :   It looks like the LHC (Local Host Cache) doesn't contain valid informations. And the only way to be sure about that one is to simply recreate the Local Host Cache. So login on the computer and do as follow : Net stop imaservice /y : This command will stop Independant Managment Architecture service, Citrix WMI Service and Citrix SMA Service DSMAINT RECREATELHC Net start imaservice Net start "Citrix WMI Service" Net start "Citrix SMI Service" And this resolve this "small" problem. This is a common Citrix administration task and troubleshoot but if you don't know it, you cannot guess it.

This error "Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp Server" happen from time to time, this is a message from the XenApp plugin (ICA Client). Today I had this one because we have move some servers and they had to change their IP address. The IT server team told me everything was done I should be able to put this machine back in production, all changes have been done and everything is working well. BUT, when I enable these servers, this windows appear for all the users who try to launch a publish application : This message means the Citrix XenApp server cannot be reach with the address return by the datacollector. So i have assume the server team did the change on the network configuration of the servers but didn't reboot it... To be fast, I make the choice to just restart the IMA service, it did the trick.

During my experimental EdgeSight setup, I have to face different error, mostly because everything was not ready or not well configure on my side but it can happen. I have install two Edgesight web server (Esx nlb) and two SQL Reporting Services server (Esx nlb too) with a database store on a SQL 2005 cluster. I didn't had the hand on the setup of the two nlb so things where a bit hard to understand since there is quiet a lot of issue and things to do to enable two VMWare ESX nlb communication. (I'm still working on it, any informations are welcome :) ) I will update this post everytime I will have an error, I hope it will help some of you. Error : Setup was unable to locate the requiered SQL Server Client Tools. The SQL Server Client Tools can usually be located on the SQL Server installation disk. You just have to install client components of SQL Server 2005 (or 2008) and RTM first :) You must have database and SQL Login creation rights on the server. This message means the credentials choose to create / access database needs to have sysadmin rights on the database server, I still hevn't understand why but still.   Error -2147217900: failed to execute SQL string, error detail: MODIFY FILE encountered operating system error 112(There is not enough space on the disk.) [...]   This error message happen when you don't have enough space where you choose to record SQL data. I think that would me near the same for log space.   The report server address used to communicate with Reporting Services is invalid This message will occure when your SQL Reporting is not reachable. I had this issue until my SQL Reporting Services ESX nlb works very fine. Error publishing reports: Server was unable to process request. ---> Timeout expired. This is a typical message when a timeout occure when you're uploding templates to the SQL Reporting Services.