Citrix Netscaler 10.5 is out since a couple of weeks now, and if you want to read what’s new about this new release just click on the [link] because there are so many things I won’t list everything here.

I will use this blog to refresh the “how to” I already did about Netscaler and I will go through the basic setup, certificate request, import and Access Gateway configuration to plug my XenDesktop 7.5 lab.

First, you need to download your Netscaler (download if you’re using a VPX appliance). You can find the appliance corresponding to your hypervizor :

  • vmware ESX
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Citrix XenServer
  • KVM

You can download it here : [link] – myCitrix account is required

One you boot up the appliance, after give the basic information like IP address, subnet and getway, you can fireup the GUI through your favorite browser.

You need to logon and follow the step by step screenshots :

2014-07-13_10-06-18 2014-07-13_10-06-43 2014-07-13_10-06-52 2014-07-13_10-07-17 2014-07-13_10-07-54 2014-07-13_10-08-07 2014-07-13_10-08-21 2014-07-13_10-08-50 2014-07-13_10-13-21

The basic configuration is done. now time to add a certificate for the Access Gateway, creating a private key, a CSR and finally importing the pem certificate.

2014-07-14_17-15-59 2014-07-14_17-16-55 2014-07-14_17-17-13 2014-07-14_17-18-39 2014-07-14_17-19-24 2014-07-14_17-19-562014-07-14_17-20-17 2014-07-14_17-26-29 2014-07-14_17-27-40 2014-07-14_17-27-52


Don’t forget to change the nsroot password.

Now the certificate part is done (thanks to Digicert for my lab) you can go ahead to the next step and configure your Strorefront server to create a new store ready to connect with the Netscaler Access Gateway.

2014-07-21_21-19-37 2014-07-21_21-20-22 2014-07-21_21-21-00 2014-07-21_21-21-17 2014-07-21_21-21-43 2014-07-21_21-22-59 2014-07-21_21-23-36 2014-07-21_21-24-01 2014-07-21_21-25-39

Storefront part is easy and quick to do, you can now continue by creating the Access Gateway using the new wizard and following these steps :

2014-07-14_20-20-59 2014-07-14_20-21-30 2014-07-14_20-22-06 2014-07-14_20-22-46 2014-07-14_20-23-06 2014-07-14_20-32-19 2014-07-14_20-34-20 2014-07-14_20-35-08 2014-07-14_20-35-55 2014-07-14_20-36-05 2014-07-14_20-36-39

Here you go, just a reboot to have the Access Gateway up and running. I had few issue in the end with Application Firewall with Google Chrome and Safari from a Mac OSx computer, you need to enable the learning mode to check what need to be change in Application Firewall rules and allow connexion to you Access Gateway.

You can customize the Netscaler Access Gateway logon page and your Storefront very easily, Eric one of my CTP friends did a very short and nice blog about that [link] and a very detailed blog written by Feng Huang Citrite here [link]

2014-07-24_09-13-45 2014-07-24_09-14-12

This blog will give you a good overview on what needs to be done to set up an Access Gateway with Storefront, for those who don’t have time to make test, now you know !

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    Please, change the way you are publishing images in the article. It is so uncomfortable to click every image one by one.

  • Serg
    It should be a bit better for navigation now, still have issue with double image opening, I’ll manage with that this week end 🙂

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  • DarrenB

    Hi Stephane. Can you tell us what issues you had with Chrome and Safari? And what you personally saw with AppFirewall as a result? I have an issue with Safari, Chrome AND Firefox from a Mac. IE works fine. I get a message stating “This page exists purely to allow AGEE to complete the AG logoff process.” when using a Mac with 10.5 build 51 and SF 2.5.2 via AGEE. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi DarrenB,

    You need to make Appfw learn new rules by browser and add this new rules to your existing one in Appfw. I have it working fine with Chrome, Safari (both on Mac and Windows)


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