Citrix Summit 2010 – Day 1

First day is over and I will report about session what I attended yesterday. My schedule was light compare to what I will attend today, the second day :

10:00 am-10:50 am SUM207 – The technology behind XenClient and the XenClient VM Synchronizer
Moscone West Convention Center – Moscone 2008,2010,2012
11:00 am-11:50 am SUM206 – Management, simplified – with XenApp
Moscone West Convention Center – Moscone 2004-2006
1:00 pm- 1:50 pm SUM201 – Migration from physical PCs to XenDesktop: a technical overview
Moscone West Convention Center – Moscone 2004-2006
4:30 pm- 6:00 pm SUM502 – EMEA Partner Forum
Moscone West Convention Center – Moscone 2008,2010,2012

The most important session for me was the first one about XenClient and the XenClient VM Synchronizer, I wrote a blog about that and I really can’t wait to be able to download this “new toy”.

Then the second session of the day was about Citrix XenApp6 combine with Microsoft SCVMM. For all partner, at least in EMEA, this is something déjà vue, there are white papers and technical guides about that and I won’t write too long about this subject (maybe a full blog about that)

The third one was about the migration from physicals devices to XenDesktop. This was interesting to give the basics and know how don’t blow a XenDesktop project by forgetting the basics of this kind of project. This was very simplified because there was only 50 minutes but the big steps were here.

The opening keynote was ok, Mr Templeton thanks all the partners which make Citrix what they are today, there is a lot of money on the table to save all the people and buy us a green suite 🙂 The Gartner point of view about desktop virtualization was very interesting, I took a lot of information from there.

At the end of the day, the EMEA Partner forum was lead by Mr Scott R. Herren (Very nice to meet him and exchange a bit about french market) and remind everyone 2009 was a disaster until the last quarter and XenDesktop 4 saved Citrix from a lot of troubles. Very large XenDesktop deals (largest maybe) came out at the end of 2009.

Then a welcome party in a museum, with a lot a funny things around, and I finally met Sir David McGeough from Citrix Readiness, It was a real please and I’m very glad to met him at last 🙂

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