Microsoft RDS – Thoughts and walkthrough 1/3 – Introduction, architecture and installation
Microsoft RDS – Thoughts and walkthrough 2/3 – Setup, security and optimization
Microsoft RDS – Thoughts and walkthrough 3/3 – SP1 and Remote FX – Citrix

Now everything is install, we need to configure and establish a communication between each component. Here we go, first we need to authorize TESTRDS1, TESTRDS2 and TESTRDSINFRA to exchange information about their RDS roles :

On TESTINFRA, in the local group TS WEB Access Computers you need to add TESTRDS1 and TESTRDS2 serveurs :

On TESTRDS1 and TESTRDS2, make sure to add TESTINFRA to the very same group

Then on TESTINFRA, through the Server Manager console, you need to go in Remote Desktop Services  / Remote Desktop Connection Manager and then click on RD Web Access Server make sure all the machine are added : (more…)