Microsoft RDS – Thoughts and walkthrough 1/3 – Introduction, architecture and installation
Microsoft RDS – Thoughts and walkthrough 2/3 – Setup, security and optimization
Microsoft RDS – Thoughts and walkthrough 3/3 – SP1 and Remote FX – Citrix

Now everything is install, we need to configure and establish a communication between each component. Here we go, first we need to authorize TESTRDS1, TESTRDS2 and TESTRDSINFRA to exchange information about their RDS roles :

On TESTINFRA, in the local group TS WEB Access Computers you need to add TESTRDS1 and TESTRDS2 serveurs :

On TESTRDS1 and TESTRDS2, make sure to add TESTINFRA to the very same group

Then on TESTINFRA, through the Server Manager console, you need to go in Remote Desktop Services  / Remote Desktop Connection Manager and then click on RD Web Access Server make sure all the machine are added : (more…)

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  • Just build this lab

    everything works (I hope so), but I´ve found 2 mistakes (or I´m wrong)

    1.) (you have said: And finally, configure RemoteApp (on TESTRDSINFRA) to Connect to the RD Server Farm (TESTRDS1 and TESTRDS2) – but on the screenshot you´re configering one of the RDS Host servers

    2.) How to get the certificate to the RDS1 and RDS2 Server. You said: use the same way like the broker Server. But the broker has a webinterface, the 2 RDS server, they did not. You to take a certifcate request? Installaing IIS?

    many greetings from germany

    P.S.. The 3rd part is missing 🙂

  • Hi Lutz

    Thx for your feedback,
    1) you’re right but I didn’t wanted to post more screenshots with only the server name change. This is two time the same setup.
    2) you don’t need to install IIS on the remain servers, just create a certificate for your computer using RDS1 and 2 FQDN. (if it’s still not clear, tell me I will provide you a link with a bit more explanation)

    Have a wonderful week end !

    I still work on the 3rd part but I didn’t had much time these last months 😉


  • Hi
    Many thanks for your answer

    Yes, I´ll be very happy about a special link for more explanation.
    But (possible) is this the right way?

    On RDS1
    Start mmc
    Local computer
    Right click on “my certificates” an starting to get an new one (Computertype)

    Same on RDS2

    (sorry for posting same question on part one – please delete that)

    many greetings

  • Scott B.

    Very nice write up! I am trying to figure out how to issue the Digital Signature from my CA server as well for my RDS servers. Can you provide those steps? Thanks!

  • Marcos

    Hi Thirion,

    Do you have plan to release the 3/3?