Citrix XenDesktop 7 - VDA Installation

· 2 min read

The VDA version delivered with XenDesktop 7 bits is

The VDA can be deployed two ways, via the GUI setup and in an unattended way. Using the GUI is easy and can be done very quickly – but it remains manual deployment. Here are screenshot so for the one who won’t have time to check it out, you can already know what you might face very soon.

2013-04-25_05-12-27 2013-04-25_05-12-46

2013-04-25_05-13-36 2013-04-25_05-14-26

2013-04-25_05-14-44 2013-04-25_05-15-17

2013-04-25_05-15-42 2013-04-25_05-15-56

2013-04-25_05-16-14 2013-04-25_05-26-50


Next blog will be about VDA installation for Desktop and Server OS