Citrix XenDesktop 5 is available for download since this morning, very early… I was about to go to sleep when it became available; and believe it or not, I went to sleep 😉

So what’s new in XenDesktop 5 ? Is it a “Production Ready” software or will we need to wait for a FP1 and some updates ? First let’s go for an installation, the goal of this operation is to replace my actual XenDesktop 4.

So here we go, autorun is launch :

Everything went fine, the first part of the installation was very smooth. Now the second part is about choosing between the four Editions you want to use.

  • Express. A free download to help IT professionals get started with VDI, which supports up to 10 users.
  • Platinum. A comprehensive enterprise-class desktop virtualization solution with advanced management and security, in addition to the features of Enterprise edition.
  • Enterprise. An enterprise-class desktop virtualization solution with on-demand applications and FlexCast delivery technology, in addition to the features of VDI edition.
  • VDI. For scalable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) implementations with Citrix HDX technology.


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  • Prince

    I hate XD5!!!

    I still can’t authenticate to my sql box even though i am using the same account for the remote sql services and xendesktop

  • Hi Prince,

    What’s your issue ? Did you try to create an odbc to connect your remote database ?



  • Prince

    I think I may have figured it out…I am thinking I may have a SID issue since I cloned my DDC…I will try rebuilding to see if it works…thanks!

  • Ha yeah… I had the exact same issue 🙂

  • Stephen Twynam

    I am slow close with my XenDesktop 5 installation but when I try to launch Desktop Studio it fails to log in with “The system is currently unavailable”.

    In the Event Log is the following:
    Event ID: 7
    Source: Citrix Desktop Director Service

    Logon attempt failed.

    Username: ‘Administrator’
    Domain: ‘INVICTA’

    Additional diagnostics information (exception message):
    ‘Failed to discover any sites.’

  • Hi Stephen,

    It look like a right problem on the XD5 services. You should download XDPing and run it on your DDC and you should have a better view and what’s the problem is.
    You can post the result here if you still don’t have any clue.



  • Stephen Twynam

    Hi Stephane,

    Just run XDPing and get the following. Not looking good. Obviously missed a step or two somewhere!


    Checking version : You are using the latest version. [OK]
    Service = Invalid response [ERROR]
    Service = Invalid response [ERROR]
    Service = Invalid response [ERROR]
    Service : xensvc NOT FOUND [ERROR]

  • Stephen Twynam

    Also seeing this in XDPing.

    Service : xensvc NOT FOUND [ERROR]

  • Stephen Twynam

    All fixed. It was an issue with DNS! Reinstalled XenDesktop5 and then used IP address to setup and all is ok now.

  • Here you are 🙂

    Have fun !


  • Stephen Twynam

    I have another problem now. XenServer has installed ok but I’m unable to create Linux VMs. I know I can’t create Windows VMs but was under the impression that I could create Linux ones. When I try, I get “internal error: hotplug.frontend_Device_error(“2 creating vbd structure”)

    Sorry but I’m new with XenServer! 🙂

  • Ok, on your XenServer type “fdisk -l” and paste the result here.
    If you have a volume larger than 2TB, this is the problem.

  • Onome

    This may be silly but i followed all the steps errors. I have a XenDesktop Controller, DC both WIN2008 R2, Master template on WIN7..all on the same LAN. Created a new VDesktop successfully, I can launch the WI page, when I try to launch the desktop I get the error (Status 1030). When I go to the XenDesktop Controller Server and check the IP of the Virtual desktop, I can successfully do a remote desktop using the IP to the Virtual desktop. I just cant launch it from the Web Interface. It toggles between error status (0) and (1030)

  • Hi Onome,

    Download XDPing tool here ;

    run it and check first if everything is ok, if not, the tool will tell you what’s wrong. Might be DNS issue or NTP issue

  • Onome

    Did that Stephane, I wish I could show you the output. I ran it on the XenDesktop Controller and its all OK. should I run it too on the Master VM?

  • Yep you should do it

  • Onome

    Ah now i get errors. ON the Master VM this is the output.

    Checking version : You are using the latest version. [OK]
    A number of importent errors/warning(1) have been logged into the event log
    in the last hour, please check the logs for more details [WARNING]
    It is not possible to enurmerate DDC list from VDA [ERROR]

    Lets see what I can troubleshoot…

  • I think you have DNS issue, ping your DDC from your VM

  • Onome

    I can ping all the VM’s from everywhere. I can even do a remote desktop connection to the VM’s using an Administrator account. A user account cannot do remote connection to it. And I cant get connected to it via the Desktop Viewer from the Web Interface.

  • What do you have in your event logs ? DDC and VM ?

  • Onome

    The Desktop Window Manager was unable to start because a composited theme is not in use.

    The Citrix Desktop Service failed to register with any controllers in the last 2 minutes.
    The service will now try to register with controllers at a reduced rate of every 2 minutes.

    Many occurrences of the errors below..

    Encryption operation failed with : Citrix.Cds.Security.SecretEncryptionInvalidKeyException: DecryptSecret: Do not have the key for this message
    at Citrix.Cds.Security.CAPISecretEncryption.DecryptSecret(Byte[] ciphertextMessage)
    at Citrix.Cds.Security.SecretEncryptionManager.DecryptSecret(Byte[] ciphertextSecret)

  • You need to verify if your VDA is install with the good DDC FQDN name

  • Onome

    Hurray!! Its working just fine now. I rebuilt the Lab environment from scratch and somehow got it working this time. Although I cant pint to anything I did differently. I really appreciate your time and ingenuity.

    You rock!

  • Shkoms

    When you say “ok I will generate information to manually create the database with the “Generate…” button”
    do you mean that you’re going to change datas in the generated file ??

    Few lines later, you write ” un ran the script with SQLCMD on my DataBase server.”

    Btw, thanks for you tutorial !

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