Citrix XenApp 6 - Why it doesn't spread ?

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Citrix XenApp 6 is one year old product already and still not wide deployed (In my country at least, France). Why ? I think about two reasons :

Mostly because you can install XenApp 6 only on Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 which is only 64Bits operation system from Microsoft and because there are many features just disappearing from this version but a lot of new ones.

XenApp 6 :

  • No more Installation Manager (Just remain a read only console to deploy past packages)
  • No more Resource Manager (EdgeSight is suppose to do the job)
  • No more Access database for the DataStore, now it’s replace by MS SQL Express 2008
  • No possibilities to have mixed farms
  • Farms settings are now store in IMA and/or Global policies
  • New feature, Worker Groups
  • New feature, Global Policy (XenApp Policies in the Active Directory)
  • New management console (Only one !) Citrix Delivery Services Console, at last 😉
  • Simplified Install
  • HDX RealTime Collaboration & HDX RealTime audio

These is the main part, I think admins and Engineer used to XenApp 5, 4.5, Presentation Server 4, Metaframe Presentation Server 3, Metaframe XP, Metaframe 1.8 etc… are used to have new features but no new way to think their XenApp architecture and administration. Introduction Worker Groups dramatically change the way of thinking publishing application, settings policies up, configuring a farm or several farms. It might be a too radical change for most of us even if you still can think, administrate using the “old” way.

Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 is a 64Bit system, and I can assure you, it doesn’t bite ! I don’t understand why so many Engineers and Consultants I went to meet are afraid to try this OS, just because you need to test applications. Of course 16Bits applications will remain in 32Bit Windows 2003 or Windows 2008, but why on earth guys are afraid to try ? We are using Citrix XenApp, don’t forget most of the accesses are made through a Web Interface and you can still have the possibility to keep a PS4/XenApp 5 farm aside a XenApp 6 one.

Finaly if you’re really not familliar with application migrations and processes to follow, you can still call me 😉

This blog is an introduction to the next one Fast Provisioning Citrix Xenapp 6 with Worker Groups and Policies