Citrix Summit 2011 - San Francisco Day 1 & 2

· 1 min read

Here we are, first Summit day of two dedicated to partners. There will be some big announcement and this is the time I can enjoy technical hand on labs, networking 200% and exchange about technology and concepts.
I went to two sessions today, the first one was about the new XenApp (Code Name IronCove) migration tool and I’m glad to see everything I’ve been doing with Powershell scripts is now incorporated in a nice GUI and shipped with the upcoming XenApp 6.5 version. I make a short description list bellow and I will download and try it as soon as it’s available to public.

  • Migrate all the settings from a farm to another
  • Need to create Configuration Logging Database after the migration process
  • Citrix WebInterface 5.4 leverage the application flow migration
  • WorkerGroups Mapping
  • System path problem (32/64bit program files and program files (x86) supported during the migration
  • And more stuff but I didn’t have wifi during the session 🙂

The Configuration Management has been re-branded as well with some more option, which make more sense.

The second session was Reference Architecture and design principles for large scale hosting, it was interesting to learn how Citrix is sharing this information and I was very surprise to see I used the same way on the last big architecture project I’ve been working on, even the architecture design schema look a bit like the one I did a month ago 🙂 This kind of session give some ideas for the next project and even if I don’t agree on everything, the overall Citrix products allow to distribute all kind of desktop with security and flexibility.

Then it was time for the Keynote, I will make it short, the big announcement is : Citrix acquired Kaviza. The v-consultants, analysts or other member of the v-community saw it coming, I think this is a real strategic move from Citrix and it will definitly bring VDI on another dimension. VDI is becoming mainstream and Kaviza (part of Citrix System now) will help a lot.

The second day of Citrix Summit has been a session day for me, running everywhere, grabbing something to eat and try to get as much information as possible before the party night