Upgrade XenServer 5.5 beta 1 to 5.5

Now the final release of XenServer 5.5 is available for download ( https://www.citrix.com/English/ss/downloads/results.asp?productID=683148 with you MyCitrix account ) I had to upgrade my XenServer 5.5 beta 1 to this new release.

My first step was to download all iso files and XenCenter 5.5, the I began with and upgrade of XenCenter, and the problem I had once everything was install, that didn’t work… The XenCenter console disn’t show up, the I choose to uninstall everything and delete the folder in “c:\program files\Citrix\XenCenter” and proceed the setup again. It did the trick.


Then I was able to use this console to shutdown all the virtual computers, and then you can watch this quikc video to check what’s happen during an upgrade of XenServer, it’s quite simple but if you don’t have the opportunity to see it at least you’ll know how it looks like.

[flash medium=7]

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