My XenServer lab has been updated / upgraded, XenDesktop is now 5.6, XenServer 6.0.2 and Provisioning Services is 6.1 now. I had one issue with this last one, I wasn't able to create a new golden image for my brand new XenDesktop 5.6 setup... I was able to create the new VHD through the PVS Wizard but once the VM rebooted the connection to the VHD wasn't initialized... I knew it was a network issue but I had to remember a very old issue I had with PVS 4 or early 5... First you need to uninstall XenTools and the PVS Target Device agent. Reboot and install XenTools. After you have installed the XenTools and rebooted your Windows VM you need to do the following: Type in a command prompt Then type Start DEVMGMT.MSC,  click in the View menu, and then chose Show Hidden Devices. Expand the Network Adapters tree and right-click the dimmed network adapter, to uninstall it

When I first downloaded Windows 8 Developer Edition and Windows Server 8 Developer Edition, I haven't been able to boot the iso and install these new OS. I needed to install it on a physical machine, or vmware fusion and tyhen P2V to my XenServer 6 Beta Project Boston Then I found a very cool tip on Thomas Koetzing blog : You must create a VM with a Win7 template and copy the virtual machine UUID from the general tab in XenCenter or use xe vm-list in the CLI.  Next you need to run the command xe vm-param-set uuid=<VMUUID> platform:viridian=false Once you've done this modification, you'll be able to install Windows 8 all edition. And then if you want to install the Xentools, you can do it simply by mounting the xentools iso and right click the xensetup.exe file and chose properties. On the Compatibility tab, change the compatibility mode to Windows 7. Everything ran smoothly for me and Xentools works on my two Windows 8 vms