Today I got an annoying issue when I was trying to edit settings from a Virtual Machine. It happens after I converted a template to a VM to make to change but every time I tried to edit the VM I got this error message : Error:The server fault 'SystemError' had no message. Error Stack Call "PropertyCollector.RetrieveContents" for object "propertyCollector" on vCenter Server "xxxxxxx.domain.local" failed. Not very nice message and not very "understandable" for me... Anyway, I needed to edit these settings and to do so, you can follow the next steps. Use it at your own risk ! First I removed the VM from the inventory, right click on the VM and chose "Remove from Inventory" Then, browse the datastore where VM files are stored and I right clicked on the .vmx file To add back into the inventory by following the regular wizard. At the end I've been able to edit the VM settings. Resources : VMDude (Frédéric Martin) made a Powercli module to resolve this issue : link vmware KB : link