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This event have been great, this is always so nice to meet so many brilliant people from all around the world, this event is definitely my favorite one ! This is a small event, everyone can take his own place and participate to the discussion, during the session, between and after. This is what I love, sharing and learn while have a lot of fun. Presentation were very good, wonderful content and very nice evening every time. For those who attended my session, you can now download the slide deck here (you need to be registered user) : Next event is plan to be in November 2 to 4 in Hamburg, Germany. I'll be there for sure !  

Update : You can download my slide deck to have all the information you wanted to have (URLs, Registry keys etc...) E2E What's new in XenApp 6.5 - Impact in production env.   Next E2E event will be in Vienna, Austria the 25th, 26th and 27th of May 2012 ---- E2E is a great community conference around virtualization biggest actor on the international market, I have speaking engagement with Neil Spellings about Citrix XenApp 6.5, come and enjoy ! This presentation is about Citrix XenApp 6.5 new features and what it can bring to a real life production environment. Alex Juschin, internationally recognized Virtualization Expert, Microsoft MVP and Citrix CTP for the last 6 years, invites you to join the next “E2E Virtualization Conference 2011 London” in London Docklands, UK - November 18-20, 2011 in Novotel Hotel @ExCel. While the Agenda has yet to be finished it already contains over 35 Sessions on most actual topics like XenApp 6.5, XenServer 6, XenDesktop 5.5, Hyper-V v.3, ESXi 5 and many other topic's! Plus, as usual, great networking possibility with virtualization folks from all over Europe and US. Register today as there are just few places left www.e2evc.com E2E Virtualization Conference Agenda

... But only this time ! Due to personal reasons (some of you know me personally, so you might know why) I won't be able to to to Citrix Synergy in Barcelona. I'm very disappointed I was so eager to exchange with all of you about different technologies, new versions, features and architectures... My company (Activlan) will be in Synergy, 5 of us will make the trip and will be available to share and exchange with you all. It promise to be a great event, I'll watch everything I can on Synergy live broadcast. My next appearance will at at E2E London 2011, probably presenting Citrix XenApp 6.5 in November 2011. and many other places like, Citrix Expert day in Paris, Recontre des Virtualisations etc...

Last week, Alexander Jushin asked me if I would be ok to make a 45mns presentation at PubForum event in Dublin, I answer without hesitation yes and here we are on the way to build a new presentation focused on Citrix Provisioning Services. I like this product and I like to share my everyday work experiences. This presentation will be focus on the experience I got from the field and from all the best practices / tips I know can make the difference during a deployment. My session will take place on Saturday 14th of May 2011 at 15:00 in the room 2 (Be careful with the agenda slide'n drift :) ) Here is an extract from what I've plan to deliver : Citrix Provisioning Services – Technical Overview - by Stephane Thirion, France Citrix Provisioning Services has been update to a new version at the end of 2010, new features have been added (and removed) This session will bring an insight on the new features with a  “real life” production experience. Architecture point of view XenDesktop related : MCS vs PVS overview ? Should you virtualize PVS ? PVS Automation / industrialization, why and how ? Best Practices and Tuning Tips PVS You can read the full agenda here : http://www.pubforum.info/pubforum/Agenda.aspx I'm sure many of you already have some questions or/and would like to ear about a specific PVS subject, you can send me by email or by commenting this blog what you would like to know or understand, I'll integrate your request in this presentation. Here are the main reasons why it is a very good Idea to attend PubForum! PubForum Conference is a non-commercial event, which is a very cost efficient and a highly effective way to gain the best Citrix, Microsoft and other companies virtualisation products knowledge, as well to receive the best vendor and independent expert's training. It is also a chance to meet many independent industry experts, who are also attending the event and the ability to talk directly to the vendors support engineers in a non-formal atmosphere. Presenters and Trainers at PubForum include world recognized names in the field of Virtualization - those are Microsoft Most Valued Professionals, Citrix Technology Professionals and escalation Engineers from EMEA/Worldwide headquarters from  companies like AppSense, Citrix, Jetro, 2X, Microsoft, RES and other. Attendees learn the best practices on how to run projects, implement, troubleshoot, plan, optimize and…

PubForum is a nice true event, this is where I can find the best content about things I maybe don't have time to get in touch with. You can meet great people, socialize a lot and fill your brain with cool content. The first day at PubForum had interesting nice topics : Virtualization Oracle - the one from the field presented by Shaw Bass Access Gateway 5 the first step into the future of Access Gateway presented by Jay Tomlin User Virtualization with AppSense presented by Bas Bremmer and Danny O'Connor User Profiles Indide Out presented by Helge Klein Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 : featuring Hyper-V Dynamic Memory presented by Aidan Finn And a session about Citrix new cloud products, I'll come back on this one in a dedicated post. As you can see topics are pretty cool and pretty straight forward / technical, the second day will be very cool as well, I encourage you to come to this event next year this is a great resource for technical content and mind sharing about virtualization.

Here we are on the road again, I'm waiting for my plane to Frankfurt, Germany to attend Grand PubForum 2010. More information about this event here. I will update my blog with what I think are the most important things I will learn to share with everyone who comes here. I know I will again meet very interesting people and learn many things/tips while speaking with them. This isn't the biggest event of the year but the virtualization "elite" will be here and it's always nice to have some point of view from different countries and other companies.