Citrix deliver us a new way to connect to Citrix infrastructure, a new approach to access the application delivery architecture. Exit the classic ICA Client formely know as Client Citrix ICA and on the late XenApp Plugin. The installation is very basic, you have to install Citrix Receiver to be able to deploy plugin after. Plugins are listed as follow : Receiver : Designed specifically for devices leveraging Microsoft Windows operating system platforms  Plug-ins : Online app plug-in 11.1.1 Previously the “XenApp Plug-in for Hosted Apps.” Use of the Online app plug-in 11.1.1 independent of Citrix Receiver is not supported. Offline app plug-in 5.1 Previously the “XenApp Plug-in for Streamed Apps.” Communications plug-in 2.2.777 Previously the “EasyCall Plug-in for Windows.” Secure access plug-in - enterprise 9.0.68 Previously the “Access Gateway 9.0.68 - Enterprise Plug-in for Windows.” To download, follow this link : and of course you'll need to have your MyCitrix account to log in.   Here we go for some screenshot : There is a lot of cool things, and I'll begin with the desktop windows, when you resize it you can keep the session resolution, no more scroll bar to reach the start menu :) You can also reduce very easyly a full screen desktop to return in your original environment (before it was shift F2) And the last very cool new thing is Citrix Merchandising Server, the best way to ensure the deployment of your Citrix Receiver and all plugins. I'll soon post more information about that. This is the video of Mark Templeton when he presented Receiver at Citrix Synergy 2009 : [flash w=486 h=412 mode=0]