This information can be very useful, because as you might know, there are build numbers and version numbers, and it become a mess very fast when you try to list all ICA client version connecting your Citrix Presentation / XenApp servers. 4.00.581 4.00.686 4.20.715 4.20.727 4.20.741 4.21.779 6.00.910 6.01.963 6.01.964 6.01.967 6.20.985 6.30.1050 6.31.1051 7.00.17534 7.01.20497 7.10.21845 7.10.22650 8.00.24737 8.100.29670 9.00.32649 9.10.36280 9.150.39151 9.200.44376 9.230.50211 9.237.53063 9.7 (Java client) 10.00.45418 10.00.49686 10.00.52110 10.100.55836 10.150.58643 10.200.2650 11.00.5284 (beta Windows) 11.00.5357 11.16.153430 (Mac) 11.3.143202 (HP Thin Client) (Mac) (Mac) (Mac) (ActiveX Web Client - Fix for IE9) (beta Project Mach 3) (with Receiver - Windows) (XenApp 6.5 DVD) (Citrix website download) (with Receiver 3.1 Tech Preview - Windows There are several way to list all client version connecting to a PS or XenApp farm, my favorite because the simplest one is by using Edgesight. You need to open you Edgesight website and go to the "Browse" tab and then click on "Session" category and this is it "ICA Client Version" is here waiting for your click. The result will be this kind of report : I will post in next few days how to retrieve the client version with a vbs script and then using Powershell scripting. Updated 08 Dec 2010 : added more detail about version 11.3.143202 and some new version released. Updated 23 Sept 2011 : Many client version added, Java & Mac Updated 30 Oct 2011 : added (Receiver 3.1 Tech Preview) Update 21 Nov 2011 : added (Mac) Update 22 Nov 2011 : added XenApp 6.5 DVD media plug-ins + ActiveX versions (Thx Neil Spellings)

The new Online Plug-in is available for download in beta, this is the version 11.2. I had to install it just to check how it looks like : Setup begin with this light windows to uninstall preivous version. It might take a while Once uninstall is done, the installation begin and this is the end Click on Read more to continue Then the setup is (already) done, nothing very exiting, we cannot see anything or make any choice. Then a popup appear : I authenticate myself to access my favorite Citrix applications. Before watching this new client in full action, here comes all the option you can use :     The new top bar seems to be very handy and very intuitive. I got some issue with Citrix client focus while trying to move from a publish desktop to another through the bar, it simply didn't work for me, I have to try it a bit ater on my new Windows 7 workstation :)