Today I needed to enable SNMP on my XenServer lab at home, I was looking for an efficient way to monitor my XenServer. I found a Linux distribution very handy for a Cacti box, EZCacti, you can download it here : So to enable SNMP on XenServer 6, you need to follow the following guide. Please keep in memory you shouldn't do that on your XenServer in a production environment, Citrix won't be able to bring support if you modify the dom0. First step, you need to allow SMTP to be able to collect and allow Cacti to get information from SNMP on the port 161/UDP : Edit the file /etc/sysconfig/iptables with vi and add the following line : and then restart the iptables service using the following command line : service iptables restart Now you need to configure your SNMP settings (community etc...) by editing the following file with vi : /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf Make the change on your smtpd.conf file on the two line (in red) you can find in the example above, of course you'll need to change the IP range to match your network subnet. Now you need to start the SNMP service using the following command line : service snmpd start Finally, to enable the automatic start of the SNMP service at your XenServer startup, type : chkconfig snmpd on Now I can begin to work on Cacti and try to monitor the host and the VMs (Next blog to come)