These last days I had to find out what was wrong with an extranet publish through XenApp. This extranet is using java and the issue users reported was random disconnection with a java popup. Find out what is wrong with extranet application is very hard because this is just a published browser with an URL pointing to a website in another company, everything works well until one day... My goal was to bring as much information and details as possible to the extranet's support team and I needed to use the java console and grab the most verbose log possible. First you need to publish the Java Control Panel, you can do it easily by make a new publish application and using the executable file called javacpl.exe in the java/bin directory of your Java JRE installation directory. Look the next screenshot for details about published application : Once you Java Control Panel is published you need to grant access to this publish application to the target account and launch it. Then you need to go to the advanced tab and use the same configuration as above : Next, you need to go to Java tab and view to add this command line after the javaw.exe path -Djavaplugin.trace=true -Djavaplugin.trace.option=basic|net|security|ext|liveconnect The click on Apply the OK to close everything. The setup to trap all the information in the java console is done, now you can open you publish browser and go the the website and get all the debug information you will need to send the the dev of the problematic website. You can test you console/debug mode with this url : it should give you something like that : The word <DEBUG> should appear in the console. If you have any request or detail to ask, just go on the forum and ask.