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This is soon USA Citrix Synergy time, despite the recent event of Synergy in Europe cancellation, I want to share with the one who will be able to come the link to all the Geek Speak sessions. A lot of these sessions will be led and / or have CTPs among the speakers. See you in there ! SYN501: Geek Speak Tonight! (Both sessions)!&session=SYN501&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN502: Persistent VDI: real-world solution or empty promise?!&session=SYN502&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN503: Data everywhere and still no visibility: how to consolidate your Citrix data for greater insights!&session=SYN503&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN504: Hands off my gold image! Automate XenDesktop and XenApp images using free tools!&session=SYN504&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN505: From Windows app to mobile app in 10 easy minutes!&session=SYN505&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN506: May the best protocol win: an independent comparison of Microsoft RemoteFX and Citrix HDX!&session=SYN506&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN507: Reducing desktop infrastructure management overhead using “old school” tactics!&session=SYN507&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN508: The “wow” factor that NetScaler brings to desktop virtualization!&session=SYN508&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN509: VDI workload best practices: independent research results defined (VRC 2013 edition)!&session=SYN509&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN510: Integrating Microsoft App-V into XenApp, XenDesktop and VDI-in-a-Box!&session=SYN510&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN511: Provisioning services and machine creation services in an Excalibur world!&session=SYN511&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN512: Direct from customers: “The VDI and SBC State of the Union” a new VRC project!&session=SYN512&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN513: Mobile device licensing in an enterprise environment: a Pandora's Box?!&session=SYN513&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN514: PowerShell wizardry: solving real-world customer problems!&session=SYN514&sourceID=pvc-CTP

This blog is a reaction / answer to Daniel Feller blog post about The Future of the Desktop at Citrix Synergy GeekSpeak Live and on the Citrix Community Blog I agree with Daniel Feller and this is what I was thinking yesterday while listening to the guys. I though the question is not : "will Windows still be there as a desktop, entry point or kind of a portal ?" we already have the beginning of the answer since more than two years, with the diversity of devices (and OS) we want to access our application more than a desktop ! That why I think XenApp will remain an essential piece of the virtualization-consumerization puzzle. The v-companies (VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and others) gotta need to be careful on every move, and give the ability to user to access an application whatever is the device, the location and the time and not only focus on the Desktop (virtual or not) delivery About SaaS, Daniel, I'm sure you know it will slow down the business if not embraced but this is not that easy. Some applications are remaining difficult to move to the "Private Cloud" (I don't like the word...) and even with all the technology we have now, some apps will remains on the local workstation. And finally I don't think this is the future, I just think this is the industrialization-automation-virtualization process evolution on the past 5-6 years and some are going with it, some are not.