Happy New Year 3 Comments

I wish to every single one of you a happy new year with the best wishes to go with. 2012 is in the past and won't remain as the best year for me ! Any way, now it's time to rock the v-world, virtualization, cloud and so many good stuff are coming this year ! I hope to see you around, here or there !

My lab at home is dead, my XenServer motherboard is down and I don't have spare one to continue to run my tests. As I'm in a new mission (Work) and I'll be off one week at Citrix HQ in Florida (from 20th to 24th of June 2011) I must pospone some of my blogs : Citrix XenApp “Iron Cove” 6.5 Tech. Preview (Part.3) PowerShell : Active Directory Citrix WebInterface 5.x automation Microsoft RDS – Thoughts and walkthrough (Part.3)