myCitrix Synergy Barcelona 2012

This year wasn’t as surprising as it has been in the past years on the innovation and “really new stuff”. Perhaps this is is because since I’m a CTP I know a lot more on Citrix plan before the announce it but I think the evolution Citrix brings into their product now will still take a year to go and be released and ready to go.

Some announces are old already, many things have been announced at Citrix Synergy in San Francisco and many announces made were about products already available since couple of months.

Anyway, here is my wrap up so far :

ByteMobile is now part of Citrix, acquisition in july (Official Announcement here)

  • over 6 billion mobile devices growing
  • 50%+ mobile data is video & multimedia
  • growth – 25x over the next 5 years

This acquisition brings Citrix cloud networking convergence with mobile data a bit further.


The general availability of the 6.1 released has been made one month ago (Official Announcement here) and the major features are :

  • live storage migration
  • batch conversion of vmware vms
  • Citrix Cloudplatform integration


XenClient Enterprise 4.5 is available now for ultrabook and after Citrix other acquisition this year (Virtual Computer) advanced set of features are coming along with this new realease :

  • Broader hardware compatibility
  • XenClient Enterprise is now localized
  • VLAN tagging support
  • External network access to Synchronizer via Citrix NetScaler
    • SSL bridging
    • SSL offload
  • Windows 8 guest OS
  • Native Windows experience
  • A new display architecture
    • Dual external monitors in a docking station
  • 30% improvement in hypervisor boot time
  • VM export support

A Citrix community blog post detail every new feature released here : [click]

Partnership with Microsoft is going the same weird way as it has always been 🙂 Some numbers and information have been given during the keynote :

  • 80% growth XenDesktop on Hyper-v
  • Windows server 2012 with Hyper-v
  • Improved vm density with hyper-v
  • Windows 8 support native UI design & platform support
  • + GoToMeeting GoToMypc ShareFile and AppDNA are supporting the new Microsoft Operating System as well

Citrix Receiver for Windows 8

early release on Windows Store

Here is some screenshot :



HD faces now on iPad

With this new release it’s now possible to present with an iPad. You can also create meeting direclty from the iPad



Updates and improvement to extend the work between meeting (team and customers)

integration of GoToMeeting will come inside Podio. (no date announced)



This is a big piece and I think one of the major Citrix products here are the major points to focus on :

  • On-Demande sync for XenDesktop
  • On-premise enterprise storage
  • Tech Prev Storage Zone connector


MDX Technologies



These two new mobile app from Citrix will be available to secure mail and web through micro vpn using CloudGateway.


Blog to come :

  • CloudGateway 2
  • Project Avalon
  • Excalibur Tech Prev Nov 1ST
  • Merlin – na
  • CloudStack available today



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