This year has been special, not very easy on the personal side… Next year will be a better one with many new blogs around virtualization and cloud stuffs. The nice side of 2011 years has been I met lot of you around the world and it’s always nice to exchange and have some fun with you all.

Next year promise to be full of very good events, Synergy in San Francisco and Barcelona, E2E in Vienna, and so many others events around Europe…

Until then, I wish you all a Merry Christmas !

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  • Nice post Stephane! You summed up closely how 2011 was for me too. I’m also looking forward to next year.

    Hang in there. You’re one of the best Citrix experts I had the fortune to know. See you at Synergy San Francisco if nothing else!

    Jeff Rohrer

  • Hey Jeff,

    Sure we’ll catch next year 🙂