MacBook Unibody up to 4Gb of ram

So I got my new computer, a Mac, yes I step in, first because i’m curious and second because I need a Mac environment to develop some Iphone applications and I was tired to fight to install Snow Leopard on regular computer. I gave my Asus Eeepc 1000HE to my mum so I needed to buy a new computer.

I choose a MacBook Unibody, the new one with 2gb of ram, as soon as I got it I installed Windows 7 with bootcamp on it and I wanted to make some new VM to work but 2gb memory was clearly not enought.

So I bought 2x2gb OCZ (OCZ SO-DIMM DDR3 2 x 2 Go PC8500) and open my MacBook to change that :

There are 8 screws to open this computer :

l_2048_1536_55D78924-86C5-49CE-A76A-3C315371EC5F.jpeg l_2048_1536_20346A02-AD23-4BE7-BFFE-30BDACA1C522.jpeg

The I add to unclip the back, and it came by itself, now you can see the hard drive and memory module above

l_2048_1536_288E4DE3-5F64-4A01-BE1A-489A2A6BC425.jpeg l_2048_1536_D20DF039-74C8-44C3-9807-50F43FEC5498.jpeg

These are the Samsung memory module


The second one is under

l_2048_1536_96EB8E67-D473-4372-8848-37E4D67C1F09.jpeg l_2048_1536_944EC6F1-F1A2-4D0D-AAD9-E371F7CA0C31.jpeg

The new ones in their package


Here we go


It fits 🙂


And this is it, putting back the bottom of the MacBook and boot the computer up


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