Citrix XenApp 6 TP : Many news 2/2

Many new features have been updated with XenApp 6 Technical Preview (Project Parra), UPM, Merchandising Server, Single Sign On, SmartAuditor. I will show you in the post the main part (for me) User Profile Manager 3 Tech Prev, a bit about Merchandising Server 1.2 and Single Sign On 4.8.

User Profile Manager 3 Tech. Prev.

Here is a list of new featured inluded in this TP

  • Citrix streamed user profiles. With Citrix streamed user profiles, files and folders are synchronized on the local computer only when they are needed, which speeds up logon and logoff. (Registry entries are cached immediately.) This feature includes the following settings in the ADM file.
  • Cache entire profile. Profiles are synchronized locally after logon as a background system task, without any feedback to users.
  • Active profile write back. Files and folders (but not Registry entries) that are modified can be synchronized to the user store in the middle of a session, before logoff.
  • More supported operating systems. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are now supported.
  • Diagnostic enhancements. Administrators can now set the computers and groups to be monitored using the Diagnostic Facility in the Daily Management Console. They no longer have to configure logging in the ADM template and force a group policy update (that they may not have permissions for). In addition, new event log messages display the full path to the user store for each user logon.
  • For further deployment information, including how to add the ADM file in the download to Group Policy, see the installation topics in the Version 2.1 documentation.
  • Installation enhancements. Profile management checks for more errors during installation and, if they are encountered, writes messages to the event log. A new command-line switch installs Profile management without the .ini files that were previously used for configuration.

You can see bellow installation screenshots :

When you download it, you’ll have a zip file with x86 and x64 version, a html file to redirect you to Citrix EDoc and the ADM file to use with Windows GPO, this ADM is well organised/comment and you can easily find news feature added inside if you edit it.

You can see with the next screenshot how the features are categorized in the group policie management console :

And the a screenshot of each feature you can find:

For me the major new feature is the possibility to update the profile without waiting for a log off, this profile streaming stuff is just awesome, and I need to test it and check under heavy load how it will behave.

Merchandising Server 1.2 Tech. Prev.

A new release of mechandising server has been deliver with XenApp 6 (Project Parra) and at first look the is not a huge difference with the Production version 1.1

As far as I can see there is a proxy configuration, i saw while browsing on internet some people were using it to deploy Xentools as well. There is not much to read on the web yet.


HDX for flash is now supported on XenApp, there also what is call HDX Usb device plug and play, I will post more informations about this later in a dedicated blog post.

Single Sign On 4.8

Single sign-on 4.8 includes the following:

  • Enhanced Web application definition creation and management functionality
  • Sendkeys functionality for Web, matching existing availability for Windows

Web Application Compatability

  • Dynamic Web Page Support

Single sign-on now recognizes and responds when Web pages refresh through Javascript or similar technology.

  • Sendkeys Functionality for Web

Single sign-on now supports Sendkeys for Web applications without the use of the Redirect to Windows application feature.

Administrator Experience

  • The new Web page selector highlights Web pages in Windows Internet Explorer as you select them to ensure you choose the desired Web page
  • Advanced Matching now features simplified, clearer Web elements, using highlights to connect the selected elements with the contents of the Web page
  • The Define form action process for Web applicaiton definitions now resembles the process used for Windows application definitions
  • New action editor is now similar to the one used with Windows application definitions
  • The Form Definition Wizard now can adjust as Web page refresh or reload, or you navigate to a new page
  • The Data Integrity certicate expiration date can now be seen in the Single sign-on Properties display in the Delivery Services Console, enabling you to create a new certificate before the existing one expires.
  • Single sign-on 4.8 contains a modified administrative data migration feature to cleanly move data from one central store to another.

End User Experience

Users will no longer see an intrusive progress bar telling them the Single sign-on plug-in is starting. That information is now contained in a tooltip visible when users roll over the Single sign-on plug-in notification tray icon. As always, users can begin working while the plug-in is starting.


Single sign-on 4.8 uses the stronger encryption standards of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm) for the storage of credentials.

Other New Functionality

  • Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 support.
  • Single sign-on Service for V4.8 runs on 64-bit servers.

I cannot post more informations about Single Sign On 4.8, I need to update my VM with new binaries and it will take some times. I will also make a blog only about SmartAuditor to screenshot everything and test all the new features.

You can find all these informations and more at Citrix Edoc :

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