Citrix Web Interface 5.3

This new release introduce new and upgraded features. The new way to administer Citrix Web Interfaces is now completly stand alone (not integrated in AMC anymore)

Pass-through with smart card from the Access Gateway. Web Interface for Microsoft Internet Information Services supports pass-through of smart card credentials from the Access Gateway. Now, users logging on to the Access Gateway with a smart card do not need to log on again to access the Web Interface.

Support for 32-bit color. The maximum color depth of user sessions increases from 24-bit to 32-bit color in XenApp 6.0.

XenApp farm migration. You can configure the Web Interface to hide from users the existence of duplicate applications with identical names and folder locations.  This enables you seamlessly to migrate your existing farms to XenApp 6.0 with no downtime by establishing new farms in parallel to your legacy farms, gradually moving data and applications from the legacy farm to the new one. You can also use the Web Interface to restrict access to the new farm to particular groups of users until the capacity of the new farm has been expanded sufficiently to deal with demand.

Multiple launch prevention. In previous releases, users clicking more than once on a resource icon on a XenApp Web site would start multiple instances of the same resource. To address this problem, you can configure resource icons to become inactive for a specific period of time after the user has clicked them. During this time, further clicks are ignored and the cursor changes to indicate that the icon is no longer clickable, preventing the user from starting any further instances of the resource.

Support for Windows Server 2008 R2. The Web Interface is supported for installation on Windows Server 2008 R2 as a 32-bit application and is compatible with Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.5.

Here is some screenshots :


The past blog about Citrix WebInterface debugging is still usable :

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