Citrix Synergy San Francisco 2012 highlights

Every year I cross half of the planet to go over the United States in San Francisco to attend Citrix Synergy event. This is every time very exciting, meeting new people, friends, geeks and of course doing some business. This year was different as I didn’t had time to go to all the session I planned to attend due to an heavy but very pleasant schedule with CTPs. I had time to attend the keynotes and see what Citrix was ready to unleash for this major virtualization event, I will sum up everything that I think are the key points for the future of our job.

The main topic of keynote since two years ago is the Cloud, Personal, Private or Public, the Cloud is everywhere; look I even put an upper case when I write Cloud 🙂

GoTo products :

GoToAssist have reach 50M sessions, translated to 15 languages with a  fastest time to service. GoToAssist for iPad and now for Android are available for free. You can download the Android app here :  [here]

The mobile workstyle with GoToMeeting to work with anyone anywhere across any device gets HD faces available on iPad today.

Wyse :

After Wyse Xenith (zero client ) Wyse announced Xentih 2 [link] which is (supposed) to be  40% faster, more secure, true 720P with multi-monitor support.

Of course no one missed the fact Wyse has been acquired by Dell [link]

HP :

HP announce one of the coolest hardware during this Synergy, the HP t410 All-in-one, System on a chip, HDX ready and PoE (Power over Ethernet) consuming only 13watt, this is cool for a 18,5 inch screen. If you don’t use PoE, you can still use a regular power cord. This is not a revolution but an evolution, this zero client screen have a price, 429$

Specifications : [link]

Citrix VDI-in-a-Box

Now with a full HDX experience, and scale like lego block. What’s really new is you can upgrade from VDI-in-a-Box to XenDesktop licenses.

Citrix VDI-in-a-Box won the best of Interrop Award 2012 in cloud computing and virtualization category [link]

Dell DVS simplified powered by VDI-in-a-Box appear to be a good solution for SMB who need fast deployment [link]



AppDNA introduce new features / module like physical to virtual transition,  Windows OS and browser upgrades with a new version released v6.1 [link]


Citrix XenClient, acquisition of Virtual Computer

Virtual Computer will bring to Citrix a powerful backend to manage XenClient computer and provide simple enterprise wide deployment , advanced policy and security control and automated backup and recovery.

This new product is due to be launch for 175$ per user in Q2 2012 and that will the chosen name is XenClient Enterprise Edition, the big news, this will be free for existing XenDesktop Enterprise customers.



Microsoft System center 2012 tight integration across Citrix portfolio, we could feel Citrix pushing to use Microsoft production to centralize the management of their product (Do they count on Microsoft to bring us the holy and only one console to manage most of the Citrix products ?) And of course Citrix did insist on the importance of XenDesktop with Windows 8.


Citrix acquire Podio

Podio is team collaboration with all the power of social networks, you can add workspaces for employees, customers and partners. In Podio there are already 100s of pre build workflow applications, you can also customize and build new application. Podio look like Microsoft Sharepoint with a Facebook look and feel. Of course since Citrix acquired Podio [link] there is an integration with Sharefile, GoToMeetings and soon Receiver Integration with HTML 5 client (use of Google chrome)


Citrix ShareFile with StorageZone

ShareFile Storage Zones allows customers to run the storage systems on-premise. This lets business users store and send files in-house on their own private cloud, or on Amazon S3, or on both, It’s for companies that want to host the files themselves.


Citrix Receiver

The new Citrix Receiver release is plan for July, Receiver Chromebook, Citrix Receiver with follow me data and Receiver with ShareFile integration.


Citrix Cloud Gateway 2

This new release add mobile and data controllers :

Including this two new controller will leverage file sharing and apps / mobility. This is the unified storefront for mobile, web saas and windows apps. A native HTML5 client should be included for iOS and Android.

Here are some features I wrote down during the keynote :

  • Set data access policies centrally
  • Single sign on for apps and data
  • Wipe apps and data remotly
  • Support 2B + PCs mac …..

For iOS :

Native app install through receiver for iOS !


Citrix XenDesktop

Citrix introduced a new Flexcast model = remote PC (what people were already doing, but this is a way to license it)

  • Deep compression codec HDX3D Pro
  • System Center Configuration Manager again
  • Windows 8 will be fully support


Citrix CloudBridge 2

Citrix CloudBridge 2 has been announced, it will allow to connect to even more remote Cloud, public and/or private, it will be available in June.


Citrix CloudStack

Citrix moved CloudStack to the Apache software foundation to make CloudStack more powerful, the new name of the product is Apache CloudStack. Now Citrix CloudStack is no more (it’s Apache CloudStack) a new Citrix product comes in and it’s Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack… You followed ? It’s available today here : [link]

Citrix -Apache CloudStack announcement : [link]


Citrix Netscaler

Netscaler 10 have been released few weeks ago with TriScale technology :

  1. Scale Upelasticity with 5x faster performance on-demand with the simple NetScaler Pay-As-You-Grow software-based licensing model. This eliminates costly over provisioning, avoids regular ‘forklift’ appliance upgrades, and obviates the need to buy expensive chassis-based systems just to reserve empty slots in anticipation of future growth.
  2. Scale Inconsolidation with the multi-function NetScaler SDX platform to simplify datacenter networks, eliminate appliance sprawl and streamline operational management by consolidating up to 40 independently managed devices into a single, easy-to-manage appliance. Unlike alternative solutions, the new NetScaler TriScale technology consolidates multiple appliances with no loss of functionality, and no performance compromises.
  3. Scale Out to expand capacity up to 32x by seamlessly adding appliances to existing NetScaler deployments in a “plug-and-play” fashion with TriScale clustering, without the need to stand up redundant high-availability pairs.  For the first time, datacenter managers can build a highly efficient infrastructure that meets current application demand, and then scale incrementally as traffic increases, with the capability to reach unprecedented performance levels exceeding 1 terabit/sec (Tbps).


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