If you need to build an EdgeSight architecture for more than 6000 agents, you need to know you will have to split your database and EdgeSight server (web server) associated with it. This next architecture doesn’t include Edgesight database broker you will need for XenDesktop VDI deployment. If some of you are looking forward a VDI deployment for EdgeSight just let me know, Twitter, Facebook, email, comment or phone, I can make it simple for you, and you won’t need to read the 300 documentation pages ! This is a slightly different approach with file share and database broker…

A typical data upload size for an EdgeSight for Endpoints agent is 80KB. EdgeSight for XenApp agent data uploads are typically larger due to the greater amount of data collected and can reach 300KB. These data upload sizes depend on a number of factors such as the agent properties and the usage profile of the system hosting the agent.

From Edgesight Admin guide page 22.

Of course it depend how your worker are configured and what data you need to collect. I’m still trying to figure our how to calculate the amount of data transferred from agents to the web server, this is a complex calculation and it take a lot of time for something Citrix should provide.

So architecture for large environment is the same as the one you could watch in the previous blog – Citrix Edgesight architecture scenario – part 1/2 – except you need to split database and EdgeSight server. Only one Citrix license server and you can also keep one SQL Reporting Services for both Edgesight servers.

This configuration means you need to configure agents with a different http address, for example, at one customer I had 4000 XenApp servers and 5000 Endpoint agents, so I choose to split Endpoint agents on one Edgesight server and all XenApp on the other. This is not very handy when you want to check from XenApp servers to the endpoint statistics, but this is the way it is for now.  By multiplying EdgeSight environment, complexity is getting stronger and find the good information is sometimes a matter of hours instead of minutes…

What Citrix should consider for the future of Edgesight :

  • Stop to check Citrix licenses on the Edgesight Servers, only agents is enough I think, then we would be able to load balance Edgesight Servers and SQL Reporting Services servers, spliting wouldn’t be necessary.
  • Since we don’t have Resource manager anymore, consider to bring at least the same level of information in EdgeSight we had with RM with the Advanced license.
  • Make available a complete EdgeSight database diagram.
  • Provide a simple tool to build 1,2,3 custom report.
  • Correct these annoying bug : When a Desktop is publish, no statistics are recorded, this is the same for an application with an argument in the command line…

Useful Links :
EdgeSight Wikipedia

EdgeSight Forums

EdgeSight Under The Hood

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  • Great blog site!!

    Believe it or not, we are actually dealing with the looming spector of several thousand Edgesight Clients running on XenDesktop and XenAPP in the near future.

    Also, thanks for the link to “under the hood”

    Take care!


  • Hey John,

    Sounds a big project you have there, If you have time to share your feedback, I would appreciate 🙂
    Implementing EdgeSight is underrated on too many XenApp / XenDestop project I lead until now. If you need any assistance, just drop me few lines I will be glad to help !



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  • Lu


    I’ve been tasked with deployment Edgesight in very large environment which is geographically dispersed. We will have agents for XenApp and also Xendesktop. We will be using version 5.4. Do you have any architecture documentation or design docs with similar examples?

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately I cannot release to public these documents but I designed a big EdgeSight architecture for 1000+ XenApp and 20000+ XenDesktop.
    You need to know 5.4 changed some things regarding this blog, now you can use Database broker to centralize the VM information but it’s very limitated and there a lot of pre requisite to understand before jumping in.


  • velumani

    Hi Thirion,

    We have around 200 pooled VDIs they are booting from a Vdisk. we have installed end point agents on Vdisk to get the usage reports
    We have configurred 1 dedicated agent DB server.to get the data from the 200 End points they are in the single pool.
    But when we try to get reports from Edgesight server there were only 50 to 60 machines reported
    we are sure that the agen service was running in the end points. but firbird serveice is craching in the agent DB.
    We logged case with citrix, but no use they have suggested to use one agent DB for every 40 VDIs.
    Even if we try to use 1DB/40 VDI we have to create 5 vdisk to have 200 VDIs to be reported. since we running VDisk image to boot.
    it leads to administrationovershead and use lot of space for Vdisk store

    is there any other way to configure the edgesight to report all those VDIs.

    Please suggest us if you know any ideas

  • Hi Velumani,

    The best way to handle your situation would be to split your endpoint in 4 or more OU and then apply different configuration to the Edgesight client (1Ou per DB Agent) using Group Policies.
    I think that will be the best way for you regarding what you explained.


    • velumani

      Hi Stephane,
      thank you very much for your reply,

      if we attach a persistent disk to the pooled desktops. is it possible to eleminate the use of agent data base server?
      can the Edgesight server take the data from the persistent disk/ file share?
      Is the Agent dadabase server is mandatory if we have to monitor end points?
      Please suggest..

  • Velumani

    Yes sure, if you attach a persistent drive then you just need to connect directly to the Edgesight server without going through the DB Agent server.
    Otherwise, you can do as I mentioned in my previous answer then you can keep 1 vDisk


    • velumani


      i will gor the second option
      Currenlty i have installed the Edgesight agent on Vdisk. Edge sight data will be erraed after a reboot. How do we configure the agent to store the data to the persistent disk.
      do we have to resintall the agent to congigure? if so where we have to configure during the installation
      or do we have any other option with out resntalling it.
      Thanks in Advance

    • velumani


      in the next screen after selecting the path to store data, i get a check box saying ” configure the agent for virtualdesktop”
      just want to make sure that, do i need to uncheck “Configure the agent for virtual desktops” option? by default it is checked.

      if it is default its asking for the poolname, uncpath, and database broker name

  • velumani
    the easiest way will be to uninstall and reinstall, the when you chose the path, in the second one (path to store data) you put it on your persistent drive.


  • Yep that’s it


    • velumani

      Thank you very much for the help stephene,
      i will make this change in my environment.
      i hope this will work perfectly fine
      Cheers 🙂 🙂

  • Viswanath

    i am looking to get customize reports through Edgesight. Can we customize the default reports? Can we take reports for servers processor interrupt time and processor queue length etc.