Apple Snow Leopard on Asus EEEpc 1000HE

This is a simple “how to” install Apple Mac OS Snow Leopard on a netbook Asus EEEPc 1000HE

What you need:

  1. EEEPC 1000HE
  2. A working Mac with SnowLeopard installed
  3. An external harddrive or USB key
  4. A Snow Leopard install DVD : only 29$


  1. Kexts from rcfa at
  2. NetbookInstaller at
  3. SuperDuper disk cloner at

Simple steps:

  1. Format the USB drive with GUID format (e.g. with DiskUtility)
  2. Install SnowLeopard on external USB drive using the working laptop
  3. Boot from external USB drive, perform all upgrades, e.g. to 10.6.1, software installs (XCode etc). You could do this on the EEEPC, too, but most likely it’s much faster on your SnowLeopard machine.
  4. Download and install on the external disk
  5. Boot from external USB drive, start NetbookInstaller and set up basic extensions and Bluetooth with the target volume being the EXTERNAL disk (if you pick the wrong disk you regular mac will stop working)
  6. Install kexts: Install these with kext Helper (to /System/Library/Extensions, not /Extra) and copy dsdt.aml, dsdt.dsl, smbios.plist, to /Extra.
  7. Now, plug the USB drive into your EEEPC and boot from the external drive. You should have a working Hackintosh (albeit a bit slow).
  8. Format the internal disk in GUID format, I made 2 partitions 80Gb each and GUID the second one.
  9. Clone the external disk to the internal one using This will take a loooong time.
  10. Start again and perform the same installs as above but now on the INTERNAL disk of your EEEPC.
  11. Reboot …

I found this how to on Small Computing, Ijust made some change to adapt it and I’ve tested it with success

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