With this new version, Citrix give support to XenApp 6 and Microsoft Windows 2008 R2. Beware, the new Edgesight XenApp Client 5.3 is only made for Windows 2008 R2 and XenApp 6. For prior OS and XenApp version you must use the 5.2.1 version. There are a bunch of new reports available now, since Resource Manager is dead, Citrix needs to implement everything what we were use to find in RM. This is a small step but nothing big except for the licensing part, a brand new section is dedicated for licenses reporting. What's new ? Monitoring of Citrix License Servers and reporting on license usage by product group or individual products. The license servers to be monitored are specified at Configure > License Monitor Configuration > License Servers. License usage reports are available on the Track Usage tab. Monitoring of Published Applications and reporting on application launches and unique users. Published application reports are available on the Track Usage tab and the Browse tab. Monitoring of session duration by farm or user group. Session duration reports are available on the Track Usage tab and the Browse tab. EdgeSight Agent support for XenApp 6 Warning : if you have a SQL 2000 database, you need to upgrade to SQL 2005 or SQL 2008 ! So here are some screen shot about the new tab with the two licenses nodes : It looks very nice, but you cannot subscribe these license reports to generate an automatic email (yet)... There still an annoying bug with the filter option on many pop-up pages... The problem is, if you don't know there is a filter button outside the actual windows you can reach while playing with tab key, you cannot apply your filter... It has always been here in Edgesight 5.x versions... (I will post more detail about that tomorrow) Next blog about Edgesight will be all architecture I've deployed for different customers