Citrix CloudGateway 2.5 – Configuration

One more time for those who won’t have time to try another release here is a short and simple blog about Citrix CloudGateway 2.5, you’ll be able to read and see accross this blog post different steps and screens to setup the AppControler.

New version are coming along with every time as much new features as fixes from the previous releases. This new release, CloudGateway 2.5 is in fact an update of only one component, the AppController (from v2.0 to v2.5). The StoreFront Service remains the same version with v1.2, App Preparation Tool (MDX), Mobile App Management and ShareFile Sync for Receiver have been added to the CloudGateway package. And CloudGateway is now CloudGateway Enterprise. What’s new :

  • Administration Enhancements
  • Email Provisioning file
  • Basic Workflow Management
  • AppController w/ShareFile Storage Zones
  • Policies for Web/SaaS/Mobile apps
  • Me@Work mobile apps (@WorkMail and @WorkWeb)
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Receiver for Windows VPN Integration
  • AGEE UI Customization

To read the full list of all the new features go here : [link]


Initial Configuration

After importing the application (Esx or XenServer), through the console or remote ssh access (if you enabled it) you can :

  • Check System Date
  • Check System Disk Usage
  • Current used space
  • Displays space available
  • Toggle SSH Access
  • To access same console menu via SSH
  • No root access to the file system
  • Reset Certificate
  • Generates a self-signed certificate and becomes active
  • Restart / Shutdown AppController

The default and password are administrator/password, a prompt will appear when connecting the web ui for the first time to change it.

ScreenShot184 ScreenShot185


Once the network configuration is done, the UI can be accessed with a browser : https://AppControlleripaddress:4443/ControlPoint/


Using the default login and password, a wizard appear to configure the appliance :

ScreenShot189 ScreenShot188

ScreenShot190 ScreenShot191

ScreenShot192 ScreenShot193


Once you login again with the new password you define for the administrator, the brand new web UI looks very neat


Then we can add role using the Role tab:

ScreenShot199 ScreenShot200



Now we can add/create applications and applications categories by using the Apps & Docs tab, to create new categories :

ScreenShot209 ScreenShot210


And to add Applications :

ScreenShot202 ScreenShot203

ScreenShot205 ScreenShot206


ScreenShot207 ScreenShot208

Adding Web Link Apps is as simple as that :

ScreenShot211 ScreenShot212


ShareFile configuration :

ScreenShot214 ScreenShot215

Using a browser to navigate the AppController url will now present all the Apps configured above :



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