This information can be very useful, because as you might know, there are build numbers and version numbers, and it become a mess very fast when you try to list all ICA client version connecting your Citrix Presentation / XenApp servers. 4.00.581 4.00.686 4.20.715 4.20.727 4.20.741 4.21.779 6.00.910 6.01.963 6.01.964 6.01.967 6.20.985 6.30.1050 6.31.1051 7.00.17534 7.01.20497 7.10.21845 7.10.22650 8.00.24737 8.100.29670 9.00.32649 9.10.36280 9.150.39151 9.200.44376 9.230.50211 9.237.53063 9.7 (Java client) 10.00.45418 10.00.49686 10.00.52110 10.100.55836 10.150.58643 10.200.2650 11.00.5284 (beta Windows) 11.00.5357 11.16.153430 (Mac) 11.3.143202 (HP Thin Client) (Mac) (Mac) (Mac) (ActiveX Web Client - Fix for IE9) (beta Project Mach 3) (with Receiver - Windows) (XenApp 6.5 DVD) (Citrix website download) (with Receiver 3.1 Tech Preview - Windows There are several way to list all client version connecting to a PS or XenApp farm, my favorite because the simplest one is by using Edgesight. You need to open you Edgesight website and go to the "Browse" tab and then click on "Session" category and this is it "ICA Client Version" is here waiting for your click. The result will be this kind of report : I will post in next few days how to retrieve the client version with a vbs script and then using Powershell scripting. Updated 08 Dec 2010 : added more detail about version 11.3.143202 and some new version released. Updated 23 Sept 2011 : Many client version added, Java & Mac Updated 30 Oct 2011 : added (Receiver 3.1 Tech Preview) Update 21 Nov 2011 : added (Mac) Update 22 Nov 2011 : added XenApp 6.5 DVD media plug-ins + ActiveX versions (Thx Neil Spellings)

Final versions are released : Citrix Offline Plug-in 5.2 and Streaming Profiler 5.2 XenApp Online Plug-in - Version 11.2 Citrix Receiver for Windows Mobile 11.0 Citrix Online Plug-in for Mac - Version 11.0 You can download everything right here : Click on read more to read more details about new features added and bug fixed. Xenapp Online Plug-in 11.2 New Features in This Release Updated: 2009-09-15 New Online Plug-in Features The following new features are available to online plug-in users: Support for Citrix Receiver for Windows. The Citrix Merchandising Server adminstrator console and Citrix Receiver for Windows simplify application delivery for administrators by eliminating the need to repeatedly install and update the online plug-in on user devices. Administrators use the web-based Citrix Receiver Merchandising Server Administrator Console to configure plug-ins and schedule their delivery to devices.Instead of installing the Citrix online plug-in on the client device, the end user installs the Receiver, which then transparently installs and updates the online plug-in as scheduled by the administrator. Self-extracting Installation Packages. The online plug-in contains two self-extracting installer packages that require almost no user interaction, making installations easy and more efficient. HDX User Experience. Citrix HDX includes a broad set of technologies designed to enable a high-definition user experience in today's media-rich user environments. These technologies reside across the entire end-to-end delivery system. HDX at the device leverages the computing capacity of user devices to enhance and optimize the user experience. Some of these HDX technologies are discussed in more detail below. New XenApp Features The following new feature is available to XenApp users of the plug-in: HDX Plug-n-Play for USB Storage Devices. HDX Plug-n-Play for USB storage devices enables users to interact with USB mass storage devices connected to their user devices when connected to a XenApp session. When HDX Plug-n-Play for USB storage devices is enabled, users can connect or disconnect a USB device from a session at anytime, regardless of whether the session was started before or after the drive connection. HDX Plug-n-Play Multi-Monitor Support. Multi-monitor support is now more flexible as it allows users' particular multiple monitor configurations to be reflected on their user devices. For example, users can configure their XenDesktop environment with L-shaped, T-shaped and U-shaped monitor configurations or with monitors of different sizes and resolutions. New XenDesktop Features The following new features affect XenDesktop users of the plug-in (as well as XenDesktop administrators). Read…

I move fast from the beta 1 to be back to a normal situation with Windows Mobile 6.1. But now the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Beta 2 is out, I couldn't resist and I had to install it on my Diamond HTC Touch. Here we go for some screenshots : As you can notice, it looks nice, it's stilla bit slow but smoother than the Beta 1 I tried before. If you want to try this new version just go in there : Remember this is a beta release ! I'll post more information later.

Edit : I have uninstall this version for now, too slow and don't enough time to customize it. I'll wait for a new release, Microsoft just release Windows Mobile 6.5 officialy today. I've installed Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 on my HTC Diamond Touch and it works :) I wanted to try this new UI and check how it looks like and how it works. The main screen looks very nice but it's still a bit slow to run... I haven't find the way to customize what I want to left on this new today screen. Then when you click on start here comes the new program list : It looks very clean too but it's just very very slow. The ROM I used to deploy Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 have been modify to put 4 icons per row (usually 3) The new today screen seems to have a code name, titanium, I continue to check what's new in there .... The link to the ROM : I think there is a way to customize this UI, I went through the registry and found this part HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\CHome . Many things can be change and try.