Geek Speak at Synergy 9 Comments

This is soon USA Citrix Synergy time, despite the recent event of Synergy in Europe cancellation, I want to share with the one who will be able to come the link to all the Geek Speak sessions. A lot of these sessions will be led and / or have CTPs among the speakers. See you in there ! SYN501: Geek Speak Tonight! (Both sessions)!&session=SYN501&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN502: Persistent VDI: real-world solution or empty promise?!&session=SYN502&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN503: Data everywhere and still no visibility: how to consolidate your Citrix data for greater insights!&session=SYN503&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN504: Hands off my gold image! Automate XenDesktop and XenApp images using free tools!&session=SYN504&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN505: From Windows app to mobile app in 10 easy minutes!&session=SYN505&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN506: May the best protocol win: an independent comparison of Microsoft RemoteFX and Citrix HDX!&session=SYN506&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN507: Reducing desktop infrastructure management overhead using “old school” tactics!&session=SYN507&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN508: The “wow” factor that NetScaler brings to desktop virtualization!&session=SYN508&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN509: VDI workload best practices: independent research results defined (VRC 2013 edition)!&session=SYN509&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN510: Integrating Microsoft App-V into XenApp, XenDesktop and VDI-in-a-Box!&session=SYN510&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN511: Provisioning services and machine creation services in an Excalibur world!&session=SYN511&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN512: Direct from customers: “The VDI and SBC State of the Union” a new VRC project!&session=SYN512&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN513: Mobile device licensing in an enterprise environment: a Pandora's Box?!&session=SYN513&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN514: PowerShell wizardry: solving real-world customer problems!&session=SYN514&sourceID=pvc-CTP

VDI, ok ? What’s next ? 58 Comments

This blog is a follow up to the discussion we had in Vienna during the Geek Speak session at E2E event. I had to leave to catch my flight back to France but this discussion was very interesting and I though about it during all my travel time... I'm still on it writing this blog VDI, Desktops... Shared, remote, dedicated, pooled and/or virtual VDI gives the possibility to deliver desktops to everyone, everywhere. Let's say it, in most of the company, users still needs a desktop, a Microsoft desktop; why's that ? Just because they are used to access a Microsoft Windows desktop at home and during the last 20 years we didn't deliver application using another way. Desktop rules the application access, at least until 3/4 years ago when smart phone, tablet / iPad came to everyone's life and change Microsoft Desktop user's life by accessing directly an application. Everyone is getting used to access applications without going through a Microsoft Windows desktop and I think that will change a lot of things within 5 years regarding the way we deliver an environment to our users. Desktop vs Application Why are we accessing a desktop today ? Mainly to open application and being able to switch from a windows to another, copy and past between applications etc. Going from this statement, which I think everyone will agree, why do we need this layer (Microsoft Desktop) to access applications ? As I mentioned before, we have habits and we are used to open our application through a Microsoft Desktop, I remember tried to publish an Internet Explorer few years ago on thin client, on the Web Interface, only application were published, no desktop at all; we had to fall back and published a desktop again because user experience was different, users we used to click to switch between applications instead of using alt-tab key. The amount of memory we tried to save by not publishing a desktop was quiet a lot and as we had to give a desktop back, we had to calcul again all the memory consume per user for a desktop and add more servers according to our results. As you can notice in the graph above, the difference between a seamless published Excel 2010 and a desktop (XenApp 6.5 with Excel 2010) is double. As we needed to publish desktop instead of only using published application, we had…