Netscaler 10.5 and Storefront 2.5.2 Configuration 13 Comments

Citrix Netscaler 10.5 is out since a couple of weeks now, and if you want to read what's new about this new release just click on the [link] because there are so many things I won't list everything here. I will use this blog to refresh the "how to" I already did about Netscaler and I will go through the basic setup, certificate request, import and Access Gateway configuration to plug my XenDesktop 7.5 lab. First, you need to download your Netscaler (download if you're using a VPX appliance). You can find the appliance corresponding to your hypervizor : vmware ESX Microsoft Hyper-V Citrix XenServer KVM You can download it here : [link] - myCitrix account is required One you boot up the appliance, after give the basic information like IP address, subnet and getway, you can fireup the GUI through your favorite browser. You need to logon and follow the step by step screenshots : The basic configuration is done. now time to add a certificate for the Access Gateway, creating a private key, a CSR and finally importing the pem certificate.   Don't forget to change the nsroot password. Now the certificate part is done (thanks to Digicert for my lab) you can go ahead to the next step and configure your Strorefront server to create a new store ready to connect with the Netscaler Access Gateway. Storefront part is easy and quick to do, you can now continue by creating the Access Gateway using the new wizard and following these steps : Here you go, just a reboot to have the Access Gateway up and running. I had few issue in the end with Application Firewall with Google Chrome and Safari from a Mac OSx computer, you need to enable the learning mode to check what need to be change in Application Firewall rules and allow connexion to you Access Gateway. You can customize the Netscaler Access Gateway logon page and your Storefront very easily, Eric one of my CTP friends did a very short and nice blog about that [link] and a very detailed blog written by Feng Huang Citrite here [link] This blog will give you a good overview on what needs to be done to set up an Access Gateway with Storefront, for those who don't have time to make test, now you know !

Citrix PVS vs MCS – Despectus 21 Comments

I know this subject has been cover thousand times here and there but this is an eternal discussion we have whatever the forum or the meeting going on when we speak about Citrix. To remind people not familiar with MCS or PVS here are the main differences : MCS : Machine Creation Service PVS : Provisioning Services All the blogs, articles, white papers are very good and very technical with a lot of details but lake too often of "real life" example. Of course this is important to know  detailed performance measuring iOPs in read and write, cache mode, disk and storage type etc. but what most of the time everyone is missing is a crucial component : complexity and ability of the technical team to handle PVS and/or MCS. At many of my customers place we've implemented PVS architecture on multi-site with DFS-R and SAN / NAS etc to provision XenApp 6.5 farm lightning fast and this is every time a success when everything is setup correctly and when everything works as expected. BUT the complexity we leave behind at the customer's place leave me a though that in 70% of the case, they will call us back to fix an issue they created while trying to handle PVS and surrounding component. 20% won't call us but nothing will change, event the XenApp servers will remain in the same state as when we left. Of course writing documentation and how to for everything won't solve this issue because managing XenApp servers provisioned with PVS is complex and needs good organisation and an understanding of the product. PVS is in version 7.1 (April 2014) and haven't evolve that much during last couple of years, some say PVS will disappear with time to let MCS take over, but I honestly don't know what are the plan for Citrix about PVS. But as PVS is an awesome technology, I think Citrix will bring more and more feature to MCS and keeping the simplicity while adding feature will be an interesting chalenge. To keep this topic short (that never happen when we speak about this during CTP meetings or forums :) ) I would say for large enterprise I would continue to use PVS on the current and new deployment but put in my customer's mind the overhead of complexity could cost more than intelligent storage solution (software, hardware) and introduce few desktops (XenDesktop…

Geek Speak at Synergy 9 Comments

This is soon USA Citrix Synergy time, despite the recent event of Synergy in Europe cancellation, I want to share with the one who will be able to come the link to all the Geek Speak sessions. A lot of these sessions will be led and / or have CTPs among the speakers. See you in there ! SYN501: Geek Speak Tonight! (Both sessions)!&session=SYN501&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN502: Persistent VDI: real-world solution or empty promise?!&session=SYN502&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN503: Data everywhere and still no visibility: how to consolidate your Citrix data for greater insights!&session=SYN503&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN504: Hands off my gold image! Automate XenDesktop and XenApp images using free tools!&session=SYN504&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN505: From Windows app to mobile app in 10 easy minutes!&session=SYN505&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN506: May the best protocol win: an independent comparison of Microsoft RemoteFX and Citrix HDX!&session=SYN506&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN507: Reducing desktop infrastructure management overhead using “old school” tactics!&session=SYN507&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN508: The “wow” factor that NetScaler brings to desktop virtualization!&session=SYN508&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN509: VDI workload best practices: independent research results defined (VRC 2013 edition)!&session=SYN509&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN510: Integrating Microsoft App-V into XenApp, XenDesktop and VDI-in-a-Box!&session=SYN510&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN511: Provisioning services and machine creation services in an Excalibur world!&session=SYN511&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN512: Direct from customers: “The VDI and SBC State of the Union” a new VRC project!&session=SYN512&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN513: Mobile device licensing in an enterprise environment: a Pandora's Box?!&session=SYN513&sourceID=pvc-CTP   SYN514: PowerShell wizardry: solving real-world customer problems!&session=SYN514&sourceID=pvc-CTP

myCitrix Synergy Barcelona 2012 4 Comments

This year wasn't as surprising as it has been in the past years on the innovation and "really new stuff". Perhaps this is is because since I'm a CTP I know a lot more on Citrix plan before the announce it but I think the evolution Citrix brings into their product now will still take a year to go and be released and ready to go. Some announces are old already, many things have been announced at Citrix Synergy in San Francisco and many announces made were about products already available since couple of months. Anyway, here is my wrap up so far : ByteMobile is now part of Citrix, acquisition in july (Official Announcement here) over 6 billion mobile devices growing 50%+ mobile data is video & multimedia growth - 25x over the next 5 years This acquisition brings Citrix cloud networking convergence with mobile data a bit further. XenServer The general availability of the 6.1 released has been made one month ago (Official Announcement here) and the major features are : live storage migration batch conversion of vmware vms Citrix Cloudplatform integration XenClient XenClient Enterprise 4.5 is available now for ultrabook and after Citrix other acquisition this year (Virtual Computer) advanced set of features are coming along with this new realease : Broader hardware compatibility XenClient Enterprise is now localized VLAN tagging support External network access to Synchronizer via Citrix NetScaler SSL bridging SSL offload Windows 8 guest OS Native Windows experience A new display architecture Dual external monitors in a docking station 30% improvement in hypervisor boot time VM export support A Citrix community blog post detail every new feature released here : [click] Partnership with Microsoft is going the same weird way as it has always been :) Some numbers and information have been given during the keynote : 80% growth XenDesktop on Hyper-v Windows server 2012 with Hyper-v Improved vm density with hyper-v Windows 8 support native UI design & platform support + GoToMeeting GoToMypc ShareFile and AppDNA are supporting the new Microsoft Operating System as well Citrix Receiver for Windows 8 early release on Windows Store Here is some screenshot :   GoToMeeting HD faces now on iPad With this new release it's now possible to present with an iPad. You can also create meeting direclty from the iPad   Podio Updates and improvement to extend the work between meeting (team and customers) integration…

Here we are, already in May and time for another Citrix Synergy in San Francisco. This year won't be the same as it's the first time I will attend this event as a CTP. I won't attend as much session as I'm used to because there is a lot of CTP things goings around but I will focus on most important point for me. Like every Synergy, I share here my planned schedule (subject to change) and I will be very glad to meet all of you and share like we do every time. Monday, May 7 7:00 am- 9:00 am Continental Breakfast - Moscone West and Hilton 11:45 am- 1:30 pm Lunch - Level 3, Moscone West 4:00 pm- 6:00 pm SUM001 – Summit Welcome Address - Level 3, Moscone West Moscone West Level 3 7:00 pm-10:00 pm Partner Appreciation Party Tuesday, May 8 7:00 am- 9:00 am Continental Breakfast - Moscone West and Hilton 11:45 am- 1:30 pm Lunch - Level 3, Moscone West 4:30 pm- 6:30 pm SYN501 – Geek Speak Tonight! (GSL!) Moscone West 2007 7:00 pm-10:00 pm Synergy Welcome Reception - Level 1, Solutions Expo, Moscone West   Wednesday, May 9 7:00 am- 9:00 am Continental Breakfast - Moscone West and Hilton 8:00 am- 8:45 am SYN502 – Sizing your next XenApp farm is not a black art (GSL!) Moscone West 2002 9:00 am- 9:45 am SYN119 – Deep dive on XenDesktop personal vDisk Moscone West 2007 10:30 am-12:30 pm SYN001 – Synergy Opening Keynote Moscone West Level 3 12:30 pm- 2:30 pm Lunch - Level 1, Solutions Expo, Moscone West 2:30 pm- 3:15 pm SYN504 – Desktop virtualization smackdown 2012 (GSL!) Moscone West 2002 3:30 pm- 4:15 pm SYN205 – Deep dive on CloudGateway Moscone West 2007 4:30 pm- 5:15 pm SYN506 – Finally, let’s talk about real-world Citrix XenApp experiences (GSL!) Moscone West 2002   Thursday, May 10 7:00 am- 9:00 am Continental Breakfast - Moscone West and Hilton 8:30 am-10:30 am SYN002 – Day Two General Session Moscone West Level 3 12:15 pm- 2:00 pm Lunch - Level 1, Solutions Expo, Moscone West and Golden Gate & Continental Foyers, Hilton 2:00 pm- 2:45 pm SYN199 – Gaze into the Citrix CTO crystal ball Moscone West 2007 3:00 pm- 3:45 pm SYN509 – Virtual reality check: an insider's guide to virtualization (GSL!) Moscone West 2002 4:00 pm- 4:45 pm SYN510 – Can the CTPs stump the Citrix architects? (GSL!) Moscone West 2002 5:00 pm- 5:45 pm SYN511 – Life in the virtual trenches: a guide to guerilla troubleshooting (GSL!) Moscone West 2002 7:00 pm-11:00 pm Synergy Party - Level 3, Moscone West   Friday, May 11 7:00 am- 9:00 am Continental Breakfast -…

Official announcement : Citrix CTP appointment (English) Annonce Officielle : Nomination Citrix CTP (Français) I feel very proud and I'm very honored being selected to receive a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) award. I've always looked all the former CTPs thinking they were great and at the same time thinking I will maybe be among them one day. This is the result of hard work and a lot of shared knowledge. Everything became possible because my company (Activlan) is the greatest one to work in and allow me such freedom to do what I love in my work. Activlan always supported me in all the action and makes me travel all around the world to meet all of you and share information and knowledge. Citrix gave me the opportunity to work several time with them at different level and I deeply appreciate that as well, Education, Consulting, Speaking engagement, I'm very proud to have this bond between our two companies and the trust which is going on. Thanks to Laura Whalen, Serge Rajevic and all people who always push me to go forward in life. Official announcement :