Provisioning XenApp 6 Servers is very easy and make everything very simple but using third party Citrix products like EdgeSight or Power and Capacity Management can be tricky in order to make it work properly with provisioned services. The last issue I had was with Power and Capacity Management but before explaining everything, a quick remind : Citrix XenApp Power and Capacity Management can help reduce power consumption and manage XenApp server capacity by dynamically scaling up or scaling down the number of online XenApp servers. Consolidating sessions onto fewer online servers improves server utilization, while providing sufficient capacity to handle load while minimizing unnecessary power consumption. As users log on to the system and reduce the idle capacity (how much capacity is available for additional sessions), other servers in the workload are powered up. As users log off and idle capacity increases, idle servers are shut down. This helps optimize capacity for XenApp workloads. When installing PCM on the PVS master virtual machine to update the vDisk, everything ran smoothly, no problem at at, service was set to automatic. The service name is "Citrix XenApp Power and Capacity Management Agent" (PCMAgent) and have dependency toward "Citrix Independent Management Architecture (IMA)" and "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)". I assumed the service will wait XenApp is done launching IMA Service and then PCM Service would be able to launch. That was an error, I suppose XenAppPrepTool was taking too much time to launch IMA Service and a timeout occur for PCMAgent Service so the service was in auto but an error showed up in system event logs : Solution ? I choose the simple way, first try was to try to delay the PCMAgent service to wait for IMA Service startup. To do so, just switch from Automatic to Automatic (Delayed Start) in the service properties / Startup type : As I use a login script for the XenApp servers, a very good example can be find here : I just add a line to start the PCMAgent service : If you want to script the service startup type, you can inject registry using this value : in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\PCMAgent Then, update your vhd image and boot your provisoned XenApp servers, they should appear in PCM console. Sources:

PubForum is a nice true event, this is where I can find the best content about things I maybe don't have time to get in touch with. You can meet great people, socialize a lot and fill your brain with cool content. The first day at PubForum had interesting nice topics : Virtualization Oracle - the one from the field presented by Shaw Bass Access Gateway 5 the first step into the future of Access Gateway presented by Jay Tomlin User Virtualization with AppSense presented by Bas Bremmer and Danny O'Connor User Profiles Indide Out presented by Helge Klein Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 : featuring Hyper-V Dynamic Memory presented by Aidan Finn And a session about Citrix new cloud products, I'll come back on this one in a dedicated post. As you can see topics are pretty cool and pretty straight forward / technical, the second day will be very cool as well, I encourage you to come to this event next year this is a great resource for technical content and mind sharing about virtualization.

This first big European event is over now, I wasn't able to attend all the session I wanted to go but mostly I'm satisfy by the information I gather and great people I met. There was no very big announcement, XenDesktop 5 has been unleashed since day 1 but one product have been put under the light by Citrix and this is a great tool for online meeting, the introduce a new feature, a product evolution, GoToMeeting HDFaces (up to 6 video stream during web conference) Citrix Synergy in Europe is a great way to meet new people, new customers and compare how business is going in the other countries. This is also the best way to have direct input from visionary guys Rick Dehlinger, Shawn Bass, Citrix CTOs etc... This is very important to see everything and understand the way everyone is perceiving evolution of IT and business next years. I gather all the information I can grab and digest it to do my own perception, I can then deliver my through and feeling to my customers. Next Synergy will be in San Francisco in May 2011 and in Barcelona in October 2011, I really hope to meet you there, this is always a pleasure to meet new people and exchange about our every day job at all levels.

Citrix Summit is over and Citrix Synergy is now taking over with all customers. Yesterday has been hell of day, lot of business, no time to go anywhere or attend any session. This morning was the kino and several announcement have been made : XenDesktop 5 XenServer 5.6 Feature Pack XenVault Receiver Dazzle like + new Ipad version Open Cloud Manage suite I will come back later on each point because some of these announcement are Citrix product major release. Now I need to fly to the next session : Part1 : Project "Virtual Reality Check" : best praticies for virtualising Terminal Services and desktop workloads - this is a Geak Speak Live session

The first day is over and the Citrix Partner event will end tonight. I didn't attend a lot of session since I saw many of those back in may in San Francisco, but session about XenServer tweaking streaming application troubleshooting were very interessting. I just grab some tips from there to try it out later and writte some blog about what I discover. This Summit / Synergy is different for me this year because many of my customer will be there and I definitly need to "hang-out" with them :) But I still met many very cool people from tweeter, other meetings and blogs, it's always a pleasure to share a drink with these guys. I already went to APP-DNA booth where I got a very cool demonstration about the product AppTitude . I think this tool can be very usefull in very large migration process and can help to gain a lot of time on such project. I will ask a demo version to try it with a set of application to bring you some more in depth information about this product. But if you're at Synergy go to their booth, ask for Ilan and tell you know me, you will have a very cool demo of this product :)